The Next Chapter

It’s been a while.

And today I feel ready to explain where I’ve been since taking a few steps back from The Ameri Brit Mom in January. First of all, it had been my intention to spend the beginning of 2023 focusing on myself and family. However, my two weeks off turned to twelve when I received some surprising news just before the turn of the New Year.

I am expecting my third baby in August of 2023!

I laid low during the first trimester for several reasons:

-Those first weeks of pregnancy kicked my butt. I was exhausted at all times and so I listened to my body and slept as often as I could.

-I was afraid if I kept going with posts that somehow I would let slip about my news, and I really wanted to wait until the second trimester to confirm any suspicions.

-I had some complications with my last pregnancy in 2018 and I am considered high risk. There are a lot of appointments, medications, and fears already surrounding this pregnancy and I just wasn’t ready to share that journey yet.

Now that I am safely nestled into the second trimester I am feeling good. My energy levels are higher and I’m handling appointments, medications, and fears a lot better than before.

I am excited to share with you that this baby is a BOY! He is already so loved and has two amazing big sisters who will spoil him once he joins our family.

2023 didn’t start the way I envisioned it, but I must say that now that I’ve had time to process and adjust that I am excited for the trajectory the year is sending me on. A few of the BIG projects I had planned for the year may get pushed back a bit, but I still have exciting things to bring to the site and business in the coming months.

Thanks for continuing to support The Ameri Brit Mom, and I cannot wait to share this new chapter with you!

The Ameri Brit Mom


I Opened a TpT Store!

I’ve wanted to go live on Teachers Pay Teachers as a seller for years because I feel that the time and work I put into lessons and activities in my classroom could truly help other teachers. As an educator, there have been many times that I have turned to TpT for inspiration and lesson plans, and now I am giving back by providing some of my own original work in The Ameri Brit Mom’s TpT store.

Freebie: Guide to Hosting a Book Club

I’ve taken years of experience in the classroom, my passion for books, and my interest in growing deep rooted communities to create a Guide to Hosting a Book Club. This four-page workbook walks you through how to plan for a successful book club launch or how to streamline the organization of an already established club.

In this guide, I walk you through creating norms for your group and choosing the right material to consider.

Featured Resource: New Year’s Activity

Your students can set goals and create an actionable plan for the new year. This makes a great back-to-school activity for the new semester.

The Ameri Brit Mom’s TpT Store has resources for classroom organization and management and soon to come–I will be offering lesson plans for ELA and History in the new year. If you are an educator, this is a shop to help you stay organized and on-top of all the demands of the profession.

The Ameri Brit Mom


An Ameri Brit Christmas

For the first time in eleven years, I spent Christmas in the UK. This was the first time our girls celebrated Christmas overseas, and they enjoyed all of the new traditions and experiences that Christmas in the UK has to offer.

Christmas morning was spent at the Cotswold Centre, a military chalet in the west country that my brother-in-law booked for us all. This accomodation allowed each of the family members to have a space together to celebrate. Having all of the cousins together to open presents and play games was magical. We ate so much food and were spoiled by our English family members.

Although our stay was only nine days, we are thankful for the time with family and friends to refresh us as we enter the second half of the school year.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Holiday Gift Tags

Each Christmas Eve, I sit down with my husband and several rolls of paper, scissors, and tape to wrap all of the gifts for our family. It’s a fun time of sipping on drinks, and discussing the reactions we anticipate the next day. We work. We talk. We laugh. And it’s a fun memory of every Christmas season–one that marks the end of the hustle and the start of the relaxing gift of Christmas day. It is finished!

Our family is heading to England this Christmas and I am so excited to share some new traditions with my readers. But as we prepare to travel, I am in major prep-mode for making sure all of our gifts get to the destination and recipient without confusion. That’s why Gift Tags are so important.

This year as you sit down to wrap gifts, consider purchasing this $2.00 Holiday Gift Tag sheet to help ease the process. Print the tags onto sticker paper for easy transfer to wrapping paper, or to plain paper (just add tape).

The Ameri Brit Mom


5 Gift Ideas for a Writer

This is Part 2 of my gift-giving guide for the Holiday season of 2022. Last week, I shared 5 Gift Ideas for a Reader–be sure to check that out! Now, I want to give attention to the writers in our lives. These can be people who are somewhat difficult to buy for because writing requires very little in the digital age. Many writers can get by with just a computer, and for that reason it can get tricky trying to gift them the experience of writing.

These items in the list I curated are aimed at helping writers hone their skills through practicing the art of writing. The gift ideas range in price from $5-$100, and represent many facets of the writing experience.

I am not an affiliate for any of these items. All of these recommendations are things I genuinely enjoy and am choosing to share with you because I am so fond of them.

1. PaperMate InkJoy Gel 0.7

The PaperMate InkJoy Gel 0.7 are my favorite pens for writing. They glide gently across the page and without smearing or ghosting. These have become a go-to and staple in my writing life.

2. Plum Paper Planners

Lately, I’ve moved away from Bullet Journaling and into a custom-built planner from Plum Paper. Although they can get pricy, these planners can be tailored to the needs of the writer and the pages are beautiful and of great quality. I am in love with my Plum Paper planner and I use it regularly to plan out blog posts, track purchases for The Ameri Brit Mom, and to schedule out the events in my life.

3. 642 Things to Write About Book

A universal experience for all writers is the lack of ideas. When you gift a writer a book of prompts like 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto you help them to defeat this hurdle to their practice and help unlock ideas just waiting to be captured on the page.

4. Small, low-maintence (or artificial) plants

Plants (whether artificial or living) add to the ambiance of a writer’s space. I recommend a set of smaller artificial plants, but if your writer has a green thumb then something requiring low maintence would be best. The plants should not deter their attention from their writing, but instead help to craft an environment that keeps their butt-in-chair.

5. SkillShare Subscription

A subscription to Skillshare was my big gift from my husband in 2021. With this subscription, I was able to take courses on many of my hobbies from creatives and leaders in their fields. For example, I learned how to improve my social media marketing strategies, film lifestyle vlogs, write a modern resume, and so much more. This is the most expensive gift on the list, but worth the cost in order to help the writer in your life invest in their skills and grow their toolbox.

When you buy a gift for a writer you are investing in a hobby and lifestyle that extends far beyond pages of words. You are showing them that you value what they have to say and believe in them to launch their gift into the world.

The Ameri Brit Mom


5 Gift Ideas for a Reader

This holiday season I am bringing you a two-part series of gift guides for the readers and writers in your life. In these posts, I am giving you recommendations for gifts of all sizes. Whether you are willing to spend $10 or $200 on your recipient, I’ve got you covered–and in plenty of time to make online orders.

As you consider what to buy the reader in your life, be mindful of helping them create an environment that allows for the mental escape that reading requires. By setting a scene that indulges all the body’s senses, readers can find themselves quickly thrust into the world and words of the pages in front of them. When you buy a gift for a reader, you are also buying them an experience, and showing them that you value their life as a reader.

I am not an affiliate for any of these items. All of these recommendations are things I genuinely enjoy and am choosing to share with you because I am so fond of them.

1. Books

This may be the most obvious of the gifts ideas, but if you are struggling to come up with a title for the reader in your life let me offer some suggestions:

  1. The Measure by Nikki Erlick (Bestseller)
  2. Verity by Colleen Hoover (Thriller)
  3. Book Lovers by Emily Henry (Romance)
  4. The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams (Historical Fiction)
  5. Remember God by Annie F. Downs (Christian/Memoir)
  6. Good Boundaries and Good Byes by Lysa TerKeurst (Christian/Self-Help)
  7. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Bestseller)

2. Candles

Setting the scene for a quiet night of reading is one of my favorite ways to settle into a new book. I gather all of my comfort items and light a candle to set the ambiance. This weekend I went to a local Bath and Body Works to test their new Holiday scents for the 3-wick candles. Here are my favorites:

  1. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  2. Frosted Cranberry
  3. Sugared Snickerdoodle
  4. Winter Candy Apple
  5. Fresh Flurries

3. Coffee

I’ve told you all about my favorite coffee brand before, but a fresh pot of Silverbridge coffee is another way that I like to awaken my senses as I settle into a comfy spot for a session of reading. This Ohio-based coffee company crafts unique flavors with strong and delicious aromas. My favorite flavors:

  1. Highlander Grogg
  2. Jamaican Me Crazy
  3. Snow Angel
  4. Cinnamon Sticky Bun
  5. Southern Pecan

4. Notebook

Not everyone likes to annotate as they read, but getting a beautiful notebook for the reader in your life is never a bad idea. I love to use a standard A4 notebook for journaling and notetaking. Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite online stationery shops. Many of the B&N stores are also increasing their inventory of all things a writer will love. My current favorite is this Book Lover XL Notebook from Studio Oh!

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

In a world of noise and commotion, sometimes we need to drown out the things that try to take our peace and attention away from our reading moments. This is a more expensive gift idea, but if you are looking for quality, noise-cancelling headphones I cannot recommend the Beats Solo 3 enough. These are comfortable and amazing for setting a the mood for a tranquil reading session. Additionally, if your reader is more into audiobooks than hard copies, these can be a great way to listen without distraction.

Remember that when you buy for a reader, you are buying an experience. Your gift helps them transport into the pages of a book and walk around in another’s shoes for a bit. Consider how to best cultivate your reader’s scene by appealing to their senses–and the reader will be grateful for these thoughtful ways of providing them the peace and space for their entry into another world.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Happy Thanksgiving

-You are a supportive community of readers who encourage me with your friendship

-You are a family of readers and writers who chase your passions

-Some have supported The Ameri Brit Mom for years and others for days, but each of you is important to the story of this business

-You understand the importance of female-owned businesses

-You share your stories with me

-You are in love with the power of words and stories to transform this world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Ameri Brit Mom


Custom Christmas Cards

The Ameri Brit Mom is offering custom Christmas cards now through December 5, 2022.

Above is the standard card which can be customized with colors, texts, and photos to meet the needs of your Holiday communications. Because The Ameri Brit Mom recognizes the importance of words and writing in our relationships, there is space for a handwritten message for each card.

If you are interested, place an order before time runs out!

*All prints from The Ameri Brit Mom are done in collaboration with the Canva Print Shop.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Laugh: Five Minute Friday

I’m home with two sick kids today. Influenza A has struck our household and ruined a lot of plans this week. Sam and I took turns staying home with them, so today’s my day. I’m joining my Five Minute Friday community today while the girls sleep in cozy spots on the couch and while Boss Baby plays at a low volume in the background. This week our prompt is Laugh.

As an Enneagram One, I tend to take life and myself seriously. My expectations are high and unmet standards often lead to frustration. I get anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed naturally and don’t need much to go “off-plan” in order for those negative temperments to eclipse the joy and laughter that I often seek.

That’s why we aren’t meant to do life alone.

On our own, each of us can be a bit much. Maybe your struggle isn’t perfectionism, but something in your personality toolbox when left unchecked can bring you down.

God has gifted me with friends and family of every other Enneagram number that help bring balance to my personality type.

I need a Two to remind me that life isn’t about me. Threes help me to channel my energy efficiently. Fours encourage me to embrace my creative energy and thinking. Fives give me the power to question the world and my own motives–they also remind me to be calm in the midst of chaos. Sixes bring out some of the negatives in me, but also show such tangible loyalty that I’m safe to feel all things with the promise of their continued friendship. Sevens bring the party and help me to lighten up and live in the moment. Eights seek justice and challenge me to consider other ways of thinking. And most importantly (because this is my husband), Nines bring peace to all that wars in my mind.

I have a lot to laugh about today.

Poetic irony. Naive four-year-old worldviews. Silly moments in the classroom like getting called “Mom” several times a day. Friendship. Self reflection. Television shows. Books.

All of these things bring cause for laughter to my life.

May I not take myself so seriously. May this day at home with sick girls be filled with glimpses of joy and laughter between all of the napping and hydration. May laughter be the background noise to a mind focused on doing my best. May I learn to laugh when I am reminded that perfection is a myth.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Something Like Heaven

November Short Story–

Snow is falling as Jordan visits her shut-in Mamaw. Jordan shows up preoccupied with life and worried about clearing the snow away. However, as she sips on coffee and talks to Mamaw she is reminded of the memories the snow holds and how when we remember the people and things of the past we enter into something like heaven on earth. 

This short story is available exclusively on my Patreon page. In order to receive access to exclusive content like monthly short stories, you need to join my page and pledge anywhere from $5-$20 a month to help support The Ameri Brit Mom. All members receive discounts, freebies, and monthly stories as a thank you for contributing to the growth of this business.

The Ameri Brit Mom