DIY Project: Decorative Wine Bottles

When we first bought our charming home I fell in love with so many of its features. I loved the high ceilings and how they made the rooms seem so much bigger. I loved the carpeting and the warmth that they brought into the home. I loved the open floor plan and how it is accommodating to larger crowds of people. But it is funny how some of the things I loved as we were touring the home are now some of the biggest obstacles for the decorator in me now that I own the home. Since we moved in last Spring I’ve been perplexed about how to use a cute, built-in decorative space in the bedroom. It’s so high that one must climb a high ladder to place any type of object in this nook, but the possibilities are endless for accents to warm the place up.

I searched Pinterest high and low for a quick and easy diy project I could tackle to fill this space and landed on one that seemed easy enough and that would also not break the bank. I decided to move forward with using wine bottles. Not that I’m a big wine drinker, but I did have a few spare bottles in the house that I had saved for an unplanned rainy day project (or in this specific case…snowy day project). There are lots of ideas out there that use paint in wine bottles, but I settled on a project that seemed less messy.

I undertook the project of wrapping wine bottles in colored yarn. It really is about as simple as it sounds. My bedroom is a work in progress as far as design and decor go, but I have settled on the colors being grey, white, and purple. So after a quick trip to Michael’s (the craft supply shop) and one episode of Gilmore Girls, my sister and I had completed this decorative wine bottle project.

The supplies we used: many wine and beer bottles of various sizes, two different colored yarn bunches, and two tubes of super glue. We glued the yarn at the start and end of the wrapping of each bottle.

Let me know what you think…


To see the step-by-step and photos for this DIY Project here is the pin I used from Pinterest. The link to the Wedding Chicks blog is below.


For more of my Pinterst projects be sure to check me out and follow me on Pinterest: theameribritmom. I plan to share a DIY Project I’ve completed from my Pinterest board at least once a week. I’m not one to come up with many of the ideas myself, but I really enjoy looking at pins and using others’ inspiration. I’ll always give credit where credit is due.

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