A New Vitamin Journey

For too long I’ve dealt with the symptoms of an insufficient diet. Things like an achy gut, fatigue, and irritability have kept me from being able to truly enjoy life as it is meant to be. I’ve cut out dairy almost completely, and while it has definitely helped, I have noticed that lacking in those nutrients has contributed to other symptoms. For years, I have struggled to find a multivitamin that is tailored to my needs.

Enter Care/Of.

While scrolling on Instagram one day, I found this new(ish) company called Care/Of. It is a vitamin subcription company whose products are selected for you based on a short test. It takes five minutes to answer questions about your diet, lifestyle, and goals. The test is also free so if you are interested in your personal results try it out:

My results pointed toward a need for fish oil, probiotics, zinc, and a multivitamin with iron. Then the site provided me with information on all of these vitamins and gave me the opportunity to explore other products like protein powders, energy boosters, and merchandise.

Once I was happy with my order, I placed it and set up a recurring delivery schedule to ensure that I don’t run out at the end of the month. It is recommended to give it 2-3 months of daily intake before assessing the results. I will let you all know how I feel in a couple of months and whether or not Care/Of products are working for me.

So far, I can tell you that I love the fact that each day’s vitamins come in a sealed pack with my name and encouraging quote. The box is slim, cute, and biodegradable, which is a welcomed replacement to multiple bottles lined up on a counter or in a cupboard. I keep mine on my coffee counter and it is a cheerful addition to my morning routine.

Photo Credit: Care/Of Instagram

If you are interested, take the test! There is no obligation, but once you see the results and understand the benefits of certain vitamins, I’m sure you will be intrigued like I was and place that first order.

This post includes affliate links. I may receive compensation or customer credit when you use my links to make purchases on the Care/Of website. All opinions are honest and my own.

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Know: Five Minute Friday

I’m up early on this Friday morning and listening to the rumble of thunder in the distance. Mother nature is providing quite the soundtrack as I sit down with my coffee to join my fellow writers from Five Minute Friday. This week our prompt is: Know.

There are still a lot of things I do not know. After nearly thirty-two years of life, I still have much to learn about this world. In light of May being Mental Health Awareness month, I wanted to give light to some of my recent ponderings.

I want to know

-Why is success so difficult?

-At what point do we outgrow fear?

-Who decides the standard of health? And can we ever really achieve the perfect picture of health?

-What causes our brains to be so chemically different?

-Where can we be better as a society at promoting mental health?

As we turn our focus this month toward mental health, I want to know how you are making your mental health a priority. Some things I have done recently include journaling, reading, limiting social media, connecting with friends, and trying to be the most authentic version of myself that I can be. I have struggled the past several weeks because the school year is winding down and students are going into Summer Mode. Surrounding myself with a positive community and healthy habits has helped me to get through this slump and to know that this summer will be tremendously beneficial for my health.

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How to be a Congressman and Diplomat

Inspired by my recent trip to Washington DC, I wrote a piece on the evolution of a political figure. This 500 word essay explores the journey of well-intentioned politicians and the compromises that must be made in order to be successful in corrupt systems. 

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Vision: Five Minute Friday

I am so happy to see another week of the 2021-2022 school year come to a close. Two more stand between me and summer vacation. It’s Friday and I’m excited to join in on the Five Minute Friday writerly fun. This week our prompt is Vision.

Five months into the year and I want to take some time to reflect. So far in 2022 the days have been long, but the weeks have been short. At the beginning of the year I cast a vision for myself in my bullet journal and set an intention for the year to live with “passion and drive”.

I started my business and brand at the beginning of the year and have used passion and drive to build my client list and to get the word out about all that I offer with The Ameri Brit Mom Writing and Editing Services.

The vision I started the year with has expanded in five months.

I’ve worked with clients on novels, short stories, blogs, letters, academic papers, social media profiles, and more. With each client I am building confidence and expertise in the field.

Each month I send out a newsletter to update those who want to know how this vision and business is growing. The newsletter starts with a letter to my readers and provides updates on my business as well as my blog. If you want to join the FREE subscription and receive those monthly newsletters, subsribe here:

Another way the vision is expanding is through Patreon, a website dedicated to helping creative small businesses interact with customers and clients by providing exclusive content. You can join my Patreon page to receive free monthly edits, a monthly short story, creative content, and more.

This vision for The Ameri Brit Mom continues to grow and I am so happy to have readers and fans like you to support my dream. Thank you so much for stopping by and I would be delighted if you would consider a way to partner with me and my vision during the second half of 2022.

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Science Plus Miracles

I am so proud to introduce you to a new blog–Science Plus Miracles, written and curated by my best friend, Ashley.

On her blog, Ashley describes her journey to motherhood. I can remember walking alongside her for months as she and her husband struggled to start their family. As a Christian couple they were met with trials that challenged their faith, but ultimately brought them closer to Christ. Science Plus Miracles is a blog that brings awareness to PCOS and infertility, but it is also a resource of encouragement for those who are still fighting those battles.

Each week, Ashley publishes to her blog with stories and lessons that she has learned along her journey. Inspired by her own story, Ashley sought to publish a blog for those whose journey to motherhood is not the typical one. Many of her posts were written in journals during her own trials. Additionally, she has written devotionals for future mothers–those who are waiting on their science plus miracles.

Now, Ashley is the mother of three beautiful boys. Science and miracles collided to build her family and now she writes to encourage others who are waiting on these things for themselves.

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Enneagram Eight

I took a short hiatus from the Enneagram study to spend time catching you up with my travels and life. Today, I am returning with the next installment of The Enneagram series using The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron as a guiding text.

Check out Enneagram Types here:

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Enneagram Eight: The Challenger

Triad–The Anger or Gut Triad (8,9,1)

Security Number– When Eights are feeling healthy and balanced they lean into the positive attributes of a Two (The Helper).

Stress Number- When Eights are stressed and living in an unhealthy mind space, they take on the less desirable attributes of a Five (The Investigator).

Deadly Sin- Lust

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Run: Five Minute Friday

At the conclusion of another week, I am once again excited to join my writer friends over at the Five Minute Friday link-up. This week, our FMF prompt is Run.

Running used to be my identity. In middle school and high school I was a cross-country and track runner and I found success in long distance running. During the years when I ran competitively I developed personal qualities that have served me well in adulthood.

Running taught me how to be disciplined. If I wanted to be ready for each race, then I had to log the miles and put in the time in the days and weeks leading up to it. Cutting corners wasn’t an option when my eyes were set on the prize.

Running taught me how to be a leader. I was a team captain during my junior and senior years and took that role very seriously. As the captain, I encouraged my teammates and pushed them to be their very best. It was also a goal of mine to lead them with kindness and humility. As a teenager I am sure I didn’t always get that right, because I still struggle with that in adulthood, but my heart was in the right place.

Running taught me how to be a friend. So many friendships and memories can be attributed to long, easy runs through my hometown. You get to know a person when you have to run 5+ miles with them on a regular basis. The time is filled telling stories and talking about your day. Running also helped me to be more confident in social situations and gave me skills in small talk and making others feel heard.

As I reflect on my days as a runner I am so thankful for these experiences in my formative years. Due to medical issues, I am not really able to run like I used to, but I have applied the same discipline that I learned to other forms of exercise (cycling, strength training, yoga) and am still very active and health conscious.

This is from my first ever half marathon in 2007 (I was 17)

The Ameri Brit Mom


The Love Hypothesis: A Book Review

Title: The Love Hypothesis

Author: Ali Hazelwood

Publisher: Jove/Berkely

Copyright: 2021

I’ll be the first to admit that The Love Hypothesis is not a book I would’ve gravitated toward on the shelf. Romance isn’t my cup of tea, but the marketing ploy for this book’s release was on-point and blasted all over social media. After viewing so many reviews and posts, I decided to give The Love Hypothesis a shot. And while this wasn’t my FAVORITE book of all time, it did help revive the Romance genre in my collection.

Olive was a lonely Ph.D student who spent most of her time in the lab or with her best friend, Anh. When Anh admits that she has caught feelings for Olive’s ex, Anh fears that going for Jeremy will be an act of betrayal toward her friend and ultimately decides to just let him go. Olive couldn’t care less, she was too busy with trying to invent a test for early detection of prostate cancer to bother with love interests. One late night she resolves to prove to Anh that she has moved on by grabbing the nearest guy and laying a big, wet kiss on his lips.

Only…this wasn’t just any guy. This was Doctor Adam Carlsen.

Carlsen was a god in the Biology world and the most feared advisor in Olive’s program. Once she realized who she was kissing she was embarassed and apologized profusely. But Adam was not as upset as she’d expected–in fact he was devising a plan to play this off in both of their favors.

Over the next several weeks, Olive and Adam began to con their friends and colleagues into thinking that they were dating. They met publicly for coffee dates to be seen by all the right people. In doing so, they got to know eachother, and yep, you guessed it…they started falling in love.

Although elements of this story were predictable, there were parts that I really enjoyed. I loved the way that the author brought nerdy humor to the page. From page one, I was engaged with her writing style and felt connected to Olive with her wit and struggle in academia.

**Chapter 15 was a bit of surprise. The story took a quick hiatus from lighthearted, playful plot to very erotic and graphic sexual scenes. (Like, probably the most X-rated text I’ve ever read. Again, I’m not really into Romance so I cannot even compare it to another text or say if it was appropriate for the genre. But, I would say this is not a book for teens for sure!)

All in all, I would rate this book a 3.5 out of 5. I enjoyed the read, but there was room to improve the predicability and authenticity of the plot. In the future, I would read other books by Ali Hazelwood. This type of book would be a great vacation read or something light to take on a long roadtrip or trainride.

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Fast: Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday and I am jumping back into my favorite link-up, Five Minute Friday.

The end of this school year is coming up fast!

With only 20 days left in the classroom with these students, I am in full wrap-up mode. Next week, I am finishing up my final unit and moving toward assessments and final projects to round out the year.

As fast as things seems to be moving right now, I cannot say the entire school year has been this way. In fact, this has been the LONGEST school year of my career. We have done our best as a staff to transition back into our pre-Covid classroom management and curriculum, but Covid isn’t totally gone. And the scars they’ve left on the education system and our students has made it impossible to return to “business as usual.” This entire school year has been a fight to regain a semblence of normalcy in world that is still trying to define what normal looks like post-Covid. All of us in education have struggled with the balancing act of moving forward when things are still so affected by these past two years.

So as I think about how fast the end is coming I am both sad and excited. I am sad because I know that my year with these students was far from a usual experience. There were favorite lessons I had to scrap and assignments that had to be replaced to fit into this new protocol. I’ve created unique memories with this class, but I am still saddened by the fact that their 180 days in my classroom was unlike any from previous years. I am excited because we all need the rest that awaits us after May 27. Staff and students alike have earned this summer break–and it’s coming FAST!

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May 2022 Bullet Journal Downloads

For the first time in the history of The Ameri Brit Mom, I am offering an exclusive download for bullet journals. I created this month’s layout using Canva. I wanted to give my supporters the opportunity to print their own, easy-to-use calendar for the month of May. If you are interested in downloading your own version of the May 2022 calendar pages (13 total pages), join my Patreon site…and it’s all yours.

Each of the pages below can be printed on your own paper. For my bullet journal, I printed on sticker paper. Additionally, you can adjust the page size for printing in your printer’s settings. On Patreon, you are able to print each page as an image or PDF.

Cover Page

The first page of the calendar bundle is designed according to the color scheme of The Ameri Brit Mom’s logo and brand. It’s a simple layout for recording upcoming appointments and events.

Fitness Tracker

The Fitness Trackers is a one-spot location for all of the physical activities you engage in during the month of May. I like to use one line per day when I track my workouts, and I hate seeing gaps, therefore it pushes me to do some sort of exercise each day.

Diet Tracker

For those who are observing specific diets or who have diet goals, a meal tracker is also provided in this calendar kit. Having to write down the foods that I eat each day cuts back on my mindless snacking and poor diet choices.

Weekly Spread

This weekly calendar spread is a digital version of the one I use each month. On one page, there is a spot to list out specific events or things-to-remember for the week and then I add another page to the spread for tracking habits and tasks.


If you are interested in downloading these pages for your own journals or notebooks, check out the terms of my Patreon. For $5, $10, or $20 a month you can support this growing business and receive perks like this without additional charges. You can also support The Ameri Brit Mom by subscribing to the newsletter which is delivered monthly to inbox of my supporters and fans.

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