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For several months I have been offering new products and downloads to my readers and followers. From templates for notewriting to planner pages, I have been hard at work designing tools for my clients and customers. Most products were released first to members of my Patreon page at a discounted (or FREE) price. Beyond that, products were launched primarily on social media where they were being lost in the algorithm.

Now all of the products and downloads in stock are being listed under the Products tab on the homepage. I’m working on implementing a smoother exchange process, but for now will be utilizing my MailChimp account for completing the transactions.

Every download and purchase supports this business and allows me to continue the work that I am so passionate about. Check out the products already listed and feel free to drop me a comment about anything you would like to see added.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Forget: Five Minute Friday

This is the first Friday of the new school year. I am up early and adjusting to my morning schedule. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Friday without joining my writing pals from Five Minute Friday. This week our prompt is Forget.

image of a small, budding flower with the word "forget" overlaying the photo.

As a new school year begins, let us forget

The past three years, and all their regrets.

All the trouble we faced when we walked in the door,

May we forget each one so learners can soar.

There is hope in beginning

A clean slate, a new chance

To forget all the worries,

And step back in the dance.

There are things that we’ve learned from the world in these days,

Like how teachers should really update their ways.

We grew as a profession-we adapted, reset

Some of those changes we shouldn’t forget.

But it’s time to return to what’s best for our kids.

Distancing and hybrid learning is not what it is.

They need classrooms with teachers who love what they do,

To inspire them to wrestle with things that are new.

Together we can make this the best school year yet,

If we all commit to the goals that we set.

We can achieve so much more when our focus is clear.

May we forget all the struggle and have a great year!

The Ameri Brit Mom


Self-Regulation Sensory Exercise

Friends, it has been quite the week in my life.

To be honest, there is a lot I cannot talk about, but the details are not important. What I want to do today is share with you one way I cope with anxiety.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder following a traumatic life experience. I’ve been on low doses of medication ever since. Most of the time I am able to regulate my own emotions and fears, but when big, unexpected things happen (like what I experienced this week) I have a difficult time resetting and getting back to normal.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. When I don’t have the words to verbalize my feelings I turn to the page and let the words run from my heart to my hand. This morning I am going to take a deep breath and re-center myself in a practice that always seems to work: Self-Regulation Sensory Exercise.

Below is a graphic that I created to illustrate how I use my senses to self-regulate. I am not a mental health specialist and I recommend that if you struggle to come down following difficult experiences that you check in with someone trained to provide you strategies or medication.

Save this image for future moments when you are looking for ways to calm yourself. If you like this template and are interested in other creative writing templates, consider joining my Patreon site. Each month my patrons receive videos, free edits, and beautiful graphics to inspire and encourage. I would love to have you on The Ameri Brit Mom Patreon team.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Achieve: Five Minute Friday

I’m one of the lucky residents of the Mid-West that still has electricity during this Icepocalypse. We are trapped indoors on this Friday morning, but the ice and snow outside are wrapping us in a tranquil blanket. Below, I am joining all of my fellow writers from Five Minute Friday to discuss this week’s prompt: Achieve.

a glass vase with light pink flowers.

On January 1st, I launched a new brand and business. I’ve been blogging since 2015 and after wrapping up my studies to earn a Master’s degree in English, I decided to follow my dream of offering writing and editing services to the public. My goal is to help others become more confident writers at an affordable price.

At the turn of the new year my blog became a brand and I began offering services for clients. Since January 1st I have edited two personal essays, a picture book, and a full manuscript for clients. I began building a stronger social media presence and added to my list of subscribers by 300%. This process has been inspired by courses, discussions with authors, and my own research. Things are still in the beginning stages, but I am so proud of what The Ameri Brit Mom was able to achieve in January 2022.

If you would like to know more you can join my FREE subscription. With this subscription, you will receive one monthly newsletter with updates, deals, and ideas.

Check out my Services page if you are interested in using The Ameri Brit Mom for projects. I can work with you on anything from a one-page letter to a full manuscript/book.

Also, I am so proud of the work I have done with clients this month. I wanted to share some of their own words about their experience working with The Ameri Brit Mom:

If you want to support the launch of this business you can also join my Patreon. For $5, $10, or $20 a month you can receive exclusive content and free critiques/edits. I am still working on building a solid client list and would love to work with you on projects in whatever stage of development.

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Join My Patreon Today!!

If you join my Patreon site during the month of February, you will earn Valentine’s Day cards. Both of the beautiful designs give you space for your written voice to express love for those in your life who mean the most. I am so in love with the way these turned out and I hope you adore them as well.

If you need a little more information on Patreon, check out this post, “An Introduction to Patreon.”

Thanks for all your support!

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February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

During the first month of 2022, I re-established my bullet journal habits. I like to use my journal to reflect on and plan out my life. The journals that I have filled over the years have served as memory books, and I have enjoyed the creative outlet that they have provided as well. I am influenced by many different bullet journalers on Youtube as well as my own Pinterest board. Be sure to check out the supply list at the end of the post if you are interested in what I used to create this month’s pages.

January Review

Photos of my new English degree, Date Night, and my daughters after Covid.

My January review page contains my Top 3 photos from the month. I used my Sprocket to print directly from my phone onto sticker photo paper. This was also the month where I launched my brand and so I included both the front and back of my new business cards. Additionally, I enjoy keeping a list of things that I am currently reading, watching, listening to and loving. For all of the rest of my spreads from last month, check out my January 2022 Bullet Journal Setup post.

Cover Page

Harry Potter's glasses and the HP logo. February 2022.

My February theme is Harry Potter. This is one that I have wanted to do for many months and I was inspired by photos from my Bullet Journal board on Pinterest. My lettering was in a serif font that mimics the style of the official Harry Potter logo.


February 2022 calendar hand drawn with the sign of the horcrux and Griffyndor colors.

The calendar for February was created using a traditional 5×5 box setup. Colors were selected to correspond with the monthly theme and in the same font used throughout these pages as well. The minimalist style of adding color to just one side of the elements was used for shading in letters as well as on the wand below the title.

Fitness and Diet Tracker

Inspired by the Marauder’s Map, I created a way to record my exercise and diet journey. These pages are a great place to track my progress toward my health goals. This is a functional spread, and probably my favorite this month.

Weekly Spread

As usual, I used my weekly spread which is modified from the Plant Based Bride’s Rolling Weekly spread. The colors used on this page align with the Gryffindor house colors. I also drew a picture of the Sorting Hat, and I plan to carry on the Harry Potter theme with the house colors for the remaining weeks of the month.

This month, I doodled a little more than usual. Whenever my illustrations become the focus, I tend to limit my color scheme and supplies so that I do not get overwhelmed. The minimalist coloring style also helps to save time while also keeping up a uniform look throughout all of the spreads.The supplies I used in this setup include:

Amanda Rach Lee A5 dotted notebook

Crayola Supertip Markers

Tombow Fudenoske pen in black


If you have any ideas for a March theme I would love for you to leave a comment. I would like to do something a little less on the illustration side in order to balance out this month’s doodle-heavy theme. Happy February!

The Ameri Brit Mom


Trial: Five Minute Friday

Happy Friday! It’s a snowy one today in central Ohio. I’m home on the couch watching more snow fall atop the 2″ we received earlier this week. It’s Friday which means I am joining my Five Minute Friday linkup where writers around the globe unite weekly to share our writing based on a common topic. This week our topic is Trial.

five minute friday

Two weeks ago my nine year-old came down with Covid-19.

Thankfully, her symptoms were mild and only lasted a few days. We decided to vaccinate her and I think that really helped to prevent worse symptoms. Last week, in the thick of it I wrote a post, Covid in the House.

Anyway, this week’s trial has been cloaked in blessing.

Our three year-old’s babysitter is now ill and I was looking at the potential for another week off of work as a result. Childcare in the time of Covid has been very difficult for all families with young children. We love our usual sitter, but there are not many people out there willing to step up as backup sitters. In addition to the lack of people willing to fill-in when needed, my husband and I are both teachers. Nationally, there is a shortage of substitute teachers and so there is added pressure to be present each day of school.

The biggest trial striking this household right now is finding help when our usual sitter is sick because it is really critical that my husband and I get to school each day.

Right now, it seems like there isn’t much blessing cloaking this trial, but that’s where I point you back to my introduction. It has snowed in Ohio (or been subzero temperatures) all week. I only had a substitute in my classroom for one day as opposed to five. The weather swept in and helped to solve some of these trials for us.


Snow days are not the long-term answer to the trials facing working parents in our world. We are expected to find reliable childcare amid a pandemic, and get ourselves to work despite the fact that we may be putting the health of our family or caregivers at risk. Nationally, substitutes are difficult to find because pay is too low to balance out the health risk and stress level of filling a need in the schools during a pandemic.

I know this is not a trial exclusive to my family. So many are struggling to find a safe place for their children to go while they provide for their family at work. In some professions you can work from home or take the day-off without the worry of filling your position with a substitute. But those roles have trials of their own.

As we learn to move on with Covid in our world, there are unique trials for all ages and professions. We need to remember that each family has to sacrifice to make things work and when it comes to childcare–it would go a long way to offer help to young families if you are in a place to serve that need. Some families need a reliable full-time sitter, but many (like mine) just need some individuals willing to watch and love on our children when our usual sitter is out of commission.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Possibility: Five Minute Friday

Welcome to my late edition to the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up. Friday morning my internet was a bit spotty so although written on Friday in my trusted Morning Pages Notebook, these are my Friday thoughts on the weekly topic: Possibility.

This week I’ve been dreaming of possibilities a lot.

While stuck at home with a Covid-positive child, I had a lot of time to work on my Writing and Editing services. I’ve been working on a full-manuscript edit, a two-page speech, and some study materials for a former student looking to take a BIG test. Additionally, I’ve been researching SEO and running analytics on the posts and search engines that help to connect my brand with the right audience. (Although this sounds incredibly boring to most, I have enjoyed solving the question: How do I bring the right people to this site?)

I am really excited about all of the possibilities that launching my brand into the world as a solopreneur has brought to me. My client list is building and I cannot wait to continue to share work with my positive community of followers and subscribers.

If you want more information on The Ameri Brit Mom Writing and Editing Services, check out these posts:

Also, if you are interested in receiving updates and exclusive content from The Ameri Brit Mom, please also consider joining the free subscription:

I hope that as a reader you can sense my authenticity in writing this post. If this comes off as a sales pitch or marketing ploy please know that my intention is to share something I am proud of and excited about with those who find themselves landing on my page. A lot of work and planning has gone into launching this brand in 2022 and I am proud of all that I have accomplished in the first twenty-two days of business.

I cannot wait to grow and offer many more possibilities for my clients and subscribers.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Six Ways to Support the Brand…

As with the launch of any brand or small business, The Ameri Brit Mom has been busy setting up multiple channels for clients to find and interact with this new vision. Today, I wanted to create a post to share ways in which you can stay connected with The Ameri Brit Mom and support all of the work being done to serve readers all over the world.

1. Email Subscription

If you want to stay up-to-date on the news and all things connected to The Ameri Brit Mom blog and brand you will want to make sure you join the FREE subscription. With a subscription, you will receive a monthly newsletter in your inbox that includes updates and special offers.

2. Facebook Page

The Ameri Brit Mom posts on the Facebook Page a couple of times a week. This is also a place where I share tools I encounter in my own growth as a writer–articles, memes, photos, etc.

3. Instagram

My Instagram story and posts are full of photos that convey the aesthetic of both The Ameri Brit Mom as an individual and as a brand. On this platform, you will see photos and videos of my family, real life adventures, and updates on the brand.

4. Pinterest

If you love the things you read about and the vibes of the brand then you will love to follow The Ameri Brit Mom on Pinterest. This is where I curate boards of beautiful inspiration that come across my feed. There are even some pins that are original to the brand.

5. Patreon

This is a paid platform. You can choose to pay $5, $10, or $20 a month to support the brand. In exchange for your patronage, you will receive exclusive deals and content. This is a platform that is critical in the growth of the brand. With monthly donations, I can continue to build on the foundation of the brand and offer more in the coming months.

6. Hire The Ameri Brit Mom to serve your own writing Projects

If you have a piece of writing you have been working on or dreaming about, The Ameri Brit Mom can serve as an extra pair of eyes and experience to bring to your work. From one page resumes to full manuscripts, The Ameri Brit Mom has experience with the process and publication of writing in its various forms. Completing a client survey can get the ball rolling and help The Ameri Brit Mom serve your needs.

Thank you so much for your support as I launch this creative brand into the world and as I prepare for a BIG future for The Ameri Brit Mom. Anytime you follow or share this brand with others you help to widen the audience and get the services of The Ameri Brit Mom into the hands of people with dreams to communicate a message to the world.

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An Introduction to Patreon

Many of you are aware that The Ameri Brit Mom became personal brand and business on January 1st. Launch Day was such a smooth process and the support the brand received from both friends IRL and the online community was overwhelming. Thank you for making this new adventure an encouraging experience.

Over the next several weeks I plan to give more clarity to the mission and avenues for support available for The Ameri Brit Mom.

The first way you can partner with The Ameri Brit Mom is through Patreon. Patreon is an online platform that provides financial support for Creatives through a unique setup. Instead of just donating money to a brand or cause, Patreon provides a space where Creatives can send exclusive content and material to those who decide to partner with them. So, you as the donor receive numerous benefits from your financial support.

The Ameri Brit Mom is offering three tiers of support. Each level comes with a unique set of monthly benefits. Allow me to break this down for you:

For $5 a month you can receive: a one-page editing service for free, access to a monthly video/vlog, and you allow for The Ameri Brit Mom to continue to offer content connects with readers and writers around the world.

For $10 a month you can receive: a two-page editing service for free, access to a monthly video/vlog, exclusive content and news, and general support for the brand.

For $20 a month you can receive: a five-page editing service for free, access to a monthly video/vlog, exclusive content and news, and general support for the brand.

If you are ready to partner with The Ameri Brit Mom here click HERE!

Financial support is not for everyone. If you find yourself wanting to support the launch of The Ameri Brit Mom, but you are not in a spot financially to do so, do not fear! As I said before, there are several ways to partner with The Ameri Brit Mom and I’ll be highlighting different ways to show support in the coming weeks.

If you have additional question about Patreon, feel free to reach out.

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