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For several months I have been offering new products and downloads to my readers and followers. From templates for notewriting to planner pages, I have been hard at work designing tools for my clients and customers. Most products were released first to members of my Patreon page at a discounted (or FREE) price. Beyond that, products were launched primarily on social media where they were being lost in the algorithm.

Now all of the products and downloads in stock are being listed under the Products tab on the homepage. I’m working on implementing a smoother exchange process, but for now will be utilizing my MailChimp account for completing the transactions.

Every download and purchase supports this business and allows me to continue the work that I am so passionate about. Check out the products already listed and feel free to drop me a comment about anything you would like to see added.

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Journal Bibles

One of my favorite blogs which I follow is by Rachel Wojo. She is a creative and inspiring person who posts about her faith and journey through God’s Word. Lately, Pintrest and Rachel’s blog have been capturing my interests with this new phenomenon in Bible study methods.

Essentially Bible Journaling is an illustrative approach to memorizing or dwelling on scripture.With this practice you turn your Bible into a visual scrapbook of your faith. You can journal within the margins of any Bible, but the exercise has become so popular that many Christian publishers now offer Journal Bibles.

After a few months teetering on the edge of the practice and attempting to journal within the margins of my NIV study Bible, I think I am ready to take the plunge. I would like to purchase a Journal Bible. I’m reaching out to my community for help.

Journal Bibles are a large market.

Not only are there different publishers, but there various translations, styles, and font sizes to choose from. I want to find a Journal Bible that is affordable, but that will also last. I’d like the pages to be thicker than a standard Bible and plenty of space to write and draw. There are so many choices that I’m completely overwhelmed.

Below are my top three picks. If you are experienced in the craft and have better options to suggest please do so. Otherwise, I’m looking for opinions ūüôā

  1. Inspire Bible-NLT-Elastic Band Closure, Teal Imitation Leather

    9781496413741.jpg($27.99- Lifeway)

2.ESV Single Column Journaling Bible 

31IrmDXlRvL._SX392_BO1,204,203,200_ ($29.62-Amazon)


3. ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition (Cloth over Board, Turquoise/Coral), Multicolor

552779.jpg ($26.99-Christian Book Distributor)


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