Self-Regulation Sensory Exercise

Friends, it has been quite the week in my life.

To be honest, there is a lot I cannot talk about, but the details are not important. What I want to do today is share with you one way I cope with anxiety.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder following a traumatic life experience. I’ve been on low doses of medication ever since. Most of the time I am able to regulate my own emotions and fears, but when big, unexpected things happen (like what I experienced this week) I have a difficult time resetting and getting back to normal.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. When I don’t have the words to verbalize my feelings I turn to the page and let the words run from my heart to my hand. This morning I am going to take a deep breath and re-center myself in a practice that always seems to work: Self-Regulation Sensory Exercise.

Below is a graphic that I created to illustrate how I use my senses to self-regulate. I am not a mental health specialist and I recommend that if you struggle to come down following difficult experiences that you check in with someone trained to provide you strategies or medication.

Save this image for future moments when you are looking for ways to calm yourself. If you like this template and are interested in other creative writing templates, consider joining my Patreon site. Each month my patrons receive videos, free edits, and beautiful graphics to inspire and encourage. I would love to have you on The Ameri Brit Mom Patreon team.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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