Enneagram Six

Reading about Enneagram Sixes this week was difficult.

In the past, I have typed myself as a Six. However, when I’m feeling good and at my best I gravitate more toward a One. This week, personal struggles have brought out some of my most unhealthy traits. In the midst of conflict I tend to exhbit some of the unhealthy attributes listed below. This sentiment of being a Healthy One and Unhealthy Six is not totally aligned to the Enneagram as illustrated in The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron, but whether or not every page is accurate I am loving the way that this book is giving language to my emotions and experiences.

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Triad– The fear or head triad (5,6,7)

Security Number– When Sixes are feeling healthy and balanced they lean into the positive attributes of a Nine (The Peacemaker).

Stress Number- When Sixes are stressed and living in an unhealthy mind space, they take on the undesirable attributes of a Three (The Performer).

Deadly Sin- Fear

The Ameri Brit Mom

4 thoughts on “Enneagram Six

    1. I highly recommend The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron. There are a lot of online quizzes, but I’m not sure that I’ve found an accurate one yet. It’s best to learn about all types. One number will resonate more than others–like a diary entry you never wrote.


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