Enneagram Seven

We all have that one friend who is an Enneagram Seven. These are the people who make us smile during tough times. They always seem to see the silver lining and pack their schedules full of events and adventures to indulge their desires as an adrenaline junkie. For me, some of best friends are sevens. Because (as a One) I tend to overthink and find security in following rules, I admire those who swallow their fears and live with a sort of lightness that I could never achieve.

As I read this chapter about Enneagram Sevens I am reminded that just because they seem outwardly optimistic, that Sevens struggle as all of us do with negative emotions. The difference between Sevens and the rest of the Enneagram numbers is that Sevens tend to use energy and experiences to mask the effects of pain, fear, and failure. I am reminded as I read this chapter that although I turn to my Seven friends for comfort in my difficult times that I must allow them space to be negative too.

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Enneagram Seven: The Enthusiast

Triad– The fear or head triad (5,6,7)

Security Number– When Sevens are feeling healthy and balanced they lean into the positive attributes of a Five (The Investigator).

Stress Number- When Sevens are stressed and living in an unhealthy mind space, they take on the undesirable attributes of a One (The Improver).

Deadly Sin- Gluttony

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