March 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Last month, my design was a bit illustration-heavy so as I looked toward March I sought inspiration in a more simplistic design and layout. I used a minimalist approach and used very few supplies when designing each of the spreads and pages below. At the end of the post I share what I used to make this month’s spreads so be sure to check that out.

February Review

At the end of February, I scrapped my usual layout and used the final spread to reflect on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I filled the page with a summary of the event as well as a prayer for all that is going on in Eastern Europe right now.

Cover Page

The theme I settled on in March was this color blob theme with teal, pink and green scheme. For lettering, I chose to go with a simple bubbled style. I wanted something that would be easy to carry on throughout this month’s pages, but that also elicited happy feelings and good vibes. The idea of loose tracing or echoing of color blobs is really popular on Pinterest right now and so I pulled inspiration from some of those that I pinned recently.


This simple calendar layout is great for visualizing and planning the month at a glance. Each box is 5×5 sqauares in my dotted notebook. The size of the calendar itself allowed for plenty of room for color blobs to be added and helped to balance out the white space in the margins.

Fitness and Diet Tracker

These two spreads followed the layout pattern that I’ve been using all year so far. I left most of the pages clear for tracking workouts and meals, but decorated the frame of the spread with the color blob design to tie this spread in with the rest of the monthly pages.

Blog and Self Care Tracker

These are new spreads this month. I decided to try out a space in my bullet journal for tracking the posts for The Ameri Brit Mom as well as for all the moments I set aside for self-care in March. Both of these areas are things I want to focus on more in and so it seemed fitting to devote an entire spread to tracking these goals.

Weekly Spread

This rolling weekly layout was inspired by The Plant Based Bride. On the first page, there is space to record upcoming events for the week. Additionally I used this space to jot down things to remember or to know for that week. On the second page, I use the task migration system and habit trackers to make sure that I am productive and efficient throughout the week. These are great spaces to quickly make note of what needs done and any tasks that have been completed.

The supplies I used this month are very minimal. In order to recreate these spreads all you need is a bullet journal and…

Crayola Super Tip Markers

PaperMate Flairs

The Ameri Brit Mom

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