Vision: Five Minute Friday

I am so happy to see another week of the 2021-2022 school year come to a close. Two more stand between me and summer vacation. It’s Friday and I’m excited to join in on the Five Minute Friday writerly fun. This week our prompt is Vision.

Five months into the year and I want to take some time to reflect. So far in 2022 the days have been long, but the weeks have been short. At the beginning of the year I cast a vision for myself in my bullet journal and set an intention for the year to live with “passion and drive”.

I started my business and brand at the beginning of the year and have used passion and drive to build my client list and to get the word out about all that I offer with The Ameri Brit Mom Writing and Editing Services.

The vision I started the year with has expanded in five months.

I’ve worked with clients on novels, short stories, blogs, letters, academic papers, social media profiles, and more. With each client I am building confidence and expertise in the field.

Each month I send out a newsletter to update those who want to know how this vision and business is growing. The newsletter starts with a letter to my readers and provides updates on my business as well as my blog. If you want to join the FREE subscription and receive those monthly newsletters, subsribe here:

Another way the vision is expanding is through Patreon, a website dedicated to helping creative small businesses interact with customers and clients by providing exclusive content. You can join my Patreon page to receive free monthly edits, a monthly short story, creative content, and more.

This vision for The Ameri Brit Mom continues to grow and I am so happy to have readers and fans like you to support my dream. Thank you so much for stopping by and I would be delighted if you would consider a way to partner with me and my vision during the second half of 2022.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Achieve: Five Minute Friday

I’m one of the lucky residents of the Mid-West that still has electricity during this Icepocalypse. We are trapped indoors on this Friday morning, but the ice and snow outside are wrapping us in a tranquil blanket. Below, I am joining all of my fellow writers from Five Minute Friday to discuss this week’s prompt: Achieve.

a glass vase with light pink flowers.

On January 1st, I launched a new brand and business. I’ve been blogging since 2015 and after wrapping up my studies to earn a Master’s degree in English, I decided to follow my dream of offering writing and editing services to the public. My goal is to help others become more confident writers at an affordable price.

At the turn of the new year my blog became a brand and I began offering services for clients. Since January 1st I have edited two personal essays, a picture book, and a full manuscript for clients. I began building a stronger social media presence and added to my list of subscribers by 300%. This process has been inspired by courses, discussions with authors, and my own research. Things are still in the beginning stages, but I am so proud of what The Ameri Brit Mom was able to achieve in January 2022.

If you would like to know more you can join my FREE subscription. With this subscription, you will receive one monthly newsletter with updates, deals, and ideas.

Check out my Services page if you are interested in using The Ameri Brit Mom for projects. I can work with you on anything from a one-page letter to a full manuscript/book.

Also, I am so proud of the work I have done with clients this month. I wanted to share some of their own words about their experience working with The Ameri Brit Mom:

If you want to support the launch of this business you can also join my Patreon. For $5, $10, or $20 a month you can receive exclusive content and free critiques/edits. I am still working on building a solid client list and would love to work with you on projects in whatever stage of development.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Join My Patreon Today!!

If you join my Patreon site during the month of February, you will earn Valentine’s Day cards. Both of the beautiful designs give you space for your written voice to express love for those in your life who mean the most. I am so in love with the way these turned out and I hope you adore them as well.

If you need a little more information on Patreon, check out this post, “An Introduction to Patreon.”

Thanks for all your support!

The Ameri Brit Mom


Possibility: Five Minute Friday

Welcome to my late edition to the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up. Friday morning my internet was a bit spotty so although written on Friday in my trusted Morning Pages Notebook, these are my Friday thoughts on the weekly topic: Possibility.

This week I’ve been dreaming of possibilities a lot.

While stuck at home with a Covid-positive child, I had a lot of time to work on my Writing and Editing services. I’ve been working on a full-manuscript edit, a two-page speech, and some study materials for a former student looking to take a BIG test. Additionally, I’ve been researching SEO and running analytics on the posts and search engines that help to connect my brand with the right audience. (Although this sounds incredibly boring to most, I have enjoyed solving the question: How do I bring the right people to this site?)

I am really excited about all of the possibilities that launching my brand into the world as a solopreneur has brought to me. My client list is building and I cannot wait to continue to share work with my positive community of followers and subscribers.

If you want more information on The Ameri Brit Mom Writing and Editing Services, check out these posts:

Also, if you are interested in receiving updates and exclusive content from The Ameri Brit Mom, please also consider joining the free subscription:

I hope that as a reader you can sense my authenticity in writing this post. If this comes off as a sales pitch or marketing ploy please know that my intention is to share something I am proud of and excited about with those who find themselves landing on my page. A lot of work and planning has gone into launching this brand in 2022 and I am proud of all that I have accomplished in the first twenty-two days of business.

I cannot wait to grow and offer many more possibilities for my clients and subscribers.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Six Ways to Support the Brand…

As with the launch of any brand or small business, The Ameri Brit Mom has been busy setting up multiple channels for clients to find and interact with this new vision. Today, I wanted to create a post to share ways in which you can stay connected with The Ameri Brit Mom and support all of the work being done to serve readers all over the world.

1. Email Subscription

If you want to stay up-to-date on the news and all things connected to The Ameri Brit Mom blog and brand you will want to make sure you join the FREE subscription. With a subscription, you will receive a monthly newsletter in your inbox that includes updates and special offers.

2. Facebook Page

The Ameri Brit Mom posts on the Facebook Page a couple of times a week. This is also a place where I share tools I encounter in my own growth as a writer–articles, memes, photos, etc.

3. Instagram

My Instagram story and posts are full of photos that convey the aesthetic of both The Ameri Brit Mom as an individual and as a brand. On this platform, you will see photos and videos of my family, real life adventures, and updates on the brand.

4. Pinterest

If you love the things you read about and the vibes of the brand then you will love to follow The Ameri Brit Mom on Pinterest. This is where I curate boards of beautiful inspiration that come across my feed. There are even some pins that are original to the brand.

5. Patreon

This is a paid platform. You can choose to pay $5, $10, or $20 a month to support the brand. In exchange for your patronage, you will receive exclusive deals and content. This is a platform that is critical in the growth of the brand. With monthly donations, I can continue to build on the foundation of the brand and offer more in the coming months.

6. Hire The Ameri Brit Mom to serve your own writing Projects

If you have a piece of writing you have been working on or dreaming about, The Ameri Brit Mom can serve as an extra pair of eyes and experience to bring to your work. From one page resumes to full manuscripts, The Ameri Brit Mom has experience with the process and publication of writing in its various forms. Completing a client survey can get the ball rolling and help The Ameri Brit Mom serve your needs.

Thank you so much for your support as I launch this creative brand into the world and as I prepare for a BIG future for The Ameri Brit Mom. Anytime you follow or share this brand with others you help to widen the audience and get the services of The Ameri Brit Mom into the hands of people with dreams to communicate a message to the world.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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Purple Prose and Painted Paragraphs: The Irresistible Novel



This is my fourth week exploring a writing principle from The Irresistible Novel by Jeff Gerke. The focus this week is on being an invisible novelist. Gerke’s issue which he calls “purple paragraphs” is rooted in whether or not an author should get outside the mind and action of the characters and add some of their own illustrious language to their story. For most of his writing life Gerke was strongly against the use of purple prose, but it wasn’t until he saw it done correctly that he began to open up more to the invisible novelist idea.

This type of writing takes fiction into the literary fiction genre. Many readers dislike this genre. It can be hard to read and sometimes the page-long details about the color of the sky can be boring for a reader who is used to action-packed plot lines. Gerke even goes so far as to say he gets rather annoyed at authors who use this practice because it often feels like they are tooting their own horn as opposed to letting the story, characters, setting, etc. speak for themselves.

But it is important to remember that each reader is drawn to different things. If you read you are well aware of this. Books that you have absolutely loved others can’t stand. Or maybe you’ve picked up a recommendation from a friend only to abandon the book later. We all have different tastes. And while a majority of readers are drawn to a solid plot filled with multiple conflicts and adventure others are prefer books with purple prose and painted paragraphs. Those readers are few and far between in this day and age, but they are still out there.

My Current Project…

Okay, I’ll admit it. I loathe purple prose. To be honest, I took a rather long reading hiatus in high school because I was forced to read literary fiction after literary fiction by my English teachers. I struggled through each book. Not because I didn’t understand them, but because they were boring. I’m not a Whitman lover. I can’t stand Fitzgerald. And I know it may get me fired as a high school English teacher, but I don’t even enjoy poetry at all. It just isn’t my personality.

I’m the teacher who pushes for young adult literature in the classroom. I know that some people really do enjoy literary fiction so as a class we do read some of those novels together, but from experience I know that being forced to only read literary fiction is a fast way to kill a reader’s passion. I didn’t begin to flourish as a reader until I was free to make my own choices. And those choices have very rarely included literary fiction.

When it comes to my book I’m writing you can guess it-there isn’t any purple prose. To me, it wouldn’t feel right. If I skip through the purple prose as a reader why would I choose to write it?

Writers do their best when they are ascribing to their own tastes. So I’ll stick with what I like.


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Five Minute Friday: Decide

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is Decide. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. You can head over to Kate Motaung’s page to check out other entries from inspired bloggers. Here’s my five minutes of uninterrupted, unedited writing on this week’s topic:


Every writer has been where I am now. I’m sitting on a unique see-saw somewhere between hopeful and hopeless. Each day I totter between both places as I think about the story I have written. On occasion, I wake up dreaming about what it would be like to actually release a book. Other days I struggle with the thoughts of whether or not I wasted two years of my life writing a story that no one will ever read. However, it is a daily decision to persevere.

Every time I put pen to paper or open my computer I am claiming that I still believe in my dream. When someone asks about the book I respond, and that also helps motivate me toward the goal.

Some days it seems like a waste of time.

Some days it seems like the end is never going to come.

But the process has taught me far too much to turn back now.

If nothing else, in making the decision to see this project through I will be a far better writer, editor, and reader. I will have learned diligence and practiced discipline. I will have followed through on the hardest task I’ve set my mind to.

So when every part of my mind is telling me to just let it go, or laughing at the silly pipe dreams I’ve drawn up for myself, I will decide to continue. Stay the course. Persevere.

There is more to writing than just getting a book deal. Writing is about growth and deciding to take on the Mt. Everest-sized challenge.

The Ameri Brit Mom

*Side note: Edits Round 2 are just about finished. Check back next week for updates on my book!!


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Description: The Irresistible Novel

Currently, I am reading my way through The Irresistible Novel by Jeff Gerke. This book inspires me to really look at my writing on a deeper level. I’ve been reading while also working my way through the editing process of the novel I wrote. This practice has caused me to be a better editor. Each week the chapters give me something new to think about and focus on in the editing process which in turn is making me a better writer. First drafts can be pretty terrible, but Gerke’s book is helping me polish my work. This week the focus is on description.



According to Gerke, description is, “text that portrays the appearance of characters, items, and locations.” (Gerke 25) At first glance a non-writer might look at the argument of description and think that any book without it cannot be worth reading. However there is a major distinction between narrative and description. Narrative portrays action while description describes the nouns of the story. Believe it or not many publishers are anti-description. Many authors are as well. They feel that overdoing the description can stifle a reader’s experience. By dictating how a reader should envision something the description can sometimes keep a reader from connecting with a book on a genuine level.

There are some authors who completely omit description while others spend page upon page laying out each scene fluffed with description. There has to be some middle ground, right!?!

What Do You Think?

If you are unsure how you feel about this argument, pull a couple of books you have read recently. Get a few books you absolutely loved and a few that you utterly hated (and maybe never finished.) Re-read a few pages from anywhere in the book. Tally up which books use description heavily, moderately, and not at all. If you are anything like me you may discover something about yourself as a reader.

When I looked at my stack of books I preferred books with the moderate level of description. The books I loathed all had either heavy levels of description or none at all. Those which came in heavy on the description are those I would refer to as slow and boring books. Those that contained none at all I would refer to as books with which I never made a true connection. The plot might have been fine, but I never felt like I became part of the world along with the characters. To figure this one out give it a try yourself! Grab some books off your shelf and explore.

My Current Project…

My preferences in description tend to be natural. As I wrote my first draft of my novel there was nothing going on in my mind except the plot. I didn’t focus on grammar, editing, and I definitely didn’t think twice about description. I wrote to get my ideas on a page. But as I go back and edit my earlier work I see that I stayed fairly consistent in my use of description. I am a moderate descriptionist meaning that I recognize the need for description in forging connections to characters, setting, and scene. However, I also know that for many readers (like myself) going overboard on the description can lead to reader boredom.

This is one reason why it is so imperative that writers are also readers. It’s hard to write a book if you don’t have the experiences of reading so many. Writing,for me, has been a natural process born of abilities and enjoyment for reading.

The more books you read the more clear your writing voice becomes.

The Ameri Brit Mom



On Being a Writer: Write

The reason I have been blogging for six months now is to facilitate a more regular pattern of writing. When I have goals set for myself I am much more likely to complete what it is I want to accomplish. Also, when I have people holding me accountable for those goals then I feel even more responsible for making sure those tasks actually happen. With blogging I have sought out a way for me to routinely write and practice writing about a multitude of topics while you, my readers, hold me accountable.

There are many things about the craft of blogging that I have yet to perfect. I want to make it clear that I don’t always follow the guidelines I am about to list. Also, I’m sure that there is a better and more efficient process for blogging. This is just the process that I have found that works for me.  I set out each week with a list of potential topics and ideas. Those ideas get plugged into a Blog Post Planner which I purchased from Plum Paper. I use this planner to track posting ideas, titles, where I am in the process of each post, and my blog statistics.

Modified copy of IMG_1537

On an average week I aim to create six posts, but sometimes life keeps that from happening. I’ve never done fewer than three posts in a week, however. Each post begins with a fifteen to thirty minute session of getting all my thoughts and ideas out. This process is then followed by editing. After I’ve cut and pasted, removed, and added to my original writing I run everything by my editor (my husband). Almost every post gets reviewed by him. He has the permission to be a Grammar Nazi. He also helps me catch any missing information from the posts. So, if you see any glaring mistakes blame the hubby. (No, I’m kidding. Sometimes this step gets skipped and that’s usually when you see the mistakes)

One thing that helps me achieve my goal of six posts per week is the feature on WordPress (my blog platform) that allows me to schedule posts in the future. With this feature I am able to work on posts when time allows and I don’t have to feel pressure to actually create a post every day.

When I am able I like to finish each post a couple of days in advance so that I have ample time to revise and edit each post. This isn’t always the case, but during my organizational phases I could be almost a week ahead of schedule as far as revising and editing go,

I’ve learned that my writing is best when I am locked into a habit of writing regularly. Some days my posts are short and sweet, but they still count as progress for my skill. I enjoy spending time alone with my thoughts and getting ideas out in a timely manner.

How do you frame your blogging or writing process?