On Being a Writer: Write

The reason I have been blogging for six months now is to facilitate a more regular pattern of writing. When I have goals set for myself I am much more likely to complete what it is I want to accomplish. Also, when I have people holding me accountable for those goals then I feel even more responsible for making sure those tasks actually happen. With blogging I have sought out a way for me to routinely write and practice writing about a multitude of topics while you, my readers, hold me accountable.

There are many things about the craft of blogging that I have yet to perfect. I want to make it clear that I don’t always follow the guidelines I am about to list. Also, I’m sure that there is a better and more efficient process for blogging. This is just the process that I have found that works for me.  I set out each week with a list of potential topics and ideas. Those ideas get plugged into a Blog Post Planner which I purchased from Plum Paper. I use this planner to track posting ideas, titles, where I am in the process of each post, and my blog statistics.

Modified copy of IMG_1537

On an average week I aim to create six posts, but sometimes life keeps that from happening. I’ve never done fewer than three posts in a week, however. Each post begins with a fifteen to thirty minute session of getting all my thoughts and ideas out. This process is then followed by editing. After I’ve cut and pasted, removed, and added to my original writing I run everything by my editor (my husband). Almost every post gets reviewed by him. He has the permission to be a Grammar Nazi. He also helps me catch any missing information from the posts. So, if you see any glaring mistakes blame the hubby. (No, I’m kidding. Sometimes this step gets skipped and that’s usually when you see the mistakes)

One thing that helps me achieve my goal of six posts per week is the feature on WordPress (my blog platform) that allows me to schedule posts in the future. With this feature I am able to work on posts when time allows and I don’t have to feel pressure to actually create a post every day.

When I am able I like to finish each post a couple of days in advance so that I have ample time to revise and edit each post. This isn’t always the case, but during my organizational phases I could be almost a week ahead of schedule as far as revising and editing go,

I’ve learned that my writing is best when I am locked into a habit of writing regularly. Some days my posts are short and sweet, but they still count as progress for my skill. I enjoy spending time alone with my thoughts and getting ideas out in a timely manner.

How do you frame your blogging or writing process? 

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