On Being a Writer: Send

I am currently taking part in a link-up that will be posted twice a week for a little over a month discussing ideas from the book On Being a Writer by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. To visit the link-up pop on over to Kate Motaung’s page, Heading Home, and check out other bloggers’ writings on a similar topic.
Today’s topic is Send: 
It takes a lot of courage to send forth your writing to publications. Until recently the idea of taking a private writing piece of my own and handing it over to be scrutinized by a total stranger completely terrified me. But the more I write the more confident I am in my ability and in the chance that one day I will find a piece of my work published.
I have set a personal goal to send out writing to five publishers a month which I discussed in my earlier post I Took the Leap of Faith. I’ve only been doing that for a few months at this point. So far, I have been unsuccessful, but I’m praying that one day the right piece will fall into the right hands and this life goal of mine will be realized.
I don’t take rejection personally. The hardest part about the submission process is having a piece of writing that fits the rigid requirements of the publishing companies you are sending to. Two publishers have responded to my submissions with some variation of “we really like your writing style, but we are looking for an article/story on a different topic.”
Some publishers are quick to give feedback while others may never respond. It does annoy me when my writing is returned without an explanation as to why it is not being used. A simple response like the one above satisfies my desire to know the purpose for my rejection.
As I eagerly anticipate the day when I receive that first acceptance letter or email, I have begun several opportunities to use my gifts on a smaller scale. I am a member of a writing team at my church which I discussed in more detail in my post Writing as a Ministry. My role consists of writing weekly discussions that my church uses during their weekly small group meetings. I’ve also done some editing and small projects for friends, colleagues, and blogging buddies. Additionally, I’ve been asked to lead and/or create devotional/discussion content for a ladies’ church group.
I continue to purse my goals despite the lack of publishing. I’m not content with where I am in my writing and I am constantly searching out ways to continue to improve. I’m learning the importance of writing daily and seeking out inspiration in the small things.
Please feel free to share a success story of yours in the comments below or to offer advice. That’s what today’s post is all about!

2 thoughts on “On Being a Writer: Send

  1. I enjoyed your post- I think it’s great that you have set targets for sending out your work and I’d encourage you to keep going. As you say, often when a piece of writing is rejected it’s often not because it’s bad, just that it’s not quite what the publisher wants at that moment, but keep on going and I’m sure the moment will come. It’s great that you’re able to use your writing for God in other ways too.


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