Possibility: Five Minute Friday

Welcome to my late edition to the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up. Friday morning my internet was a bit spotty so although written on Friday in my trusted Morning Pages Notebook, these are my Friday thoughts on the weekly topic: Possibility.

This week I’ve been dreaming of possibilities a lot.

While stuck at home with a Covid-positive child, I had a lot of time to work on my Writing and Editing services. I’ve been working on a full-manuscript edit, a two-page speech, and some study materials for a former student looking to take a BIG test. Additionally, I’ve been researching SEO and running analytics on the posts and search engines that help to connect my brand with the right audience. (Although this sounds incredibly boring to most, I have enjoyed solving the question: How do I bring the right people to this site?)

I am really excited about all of the possibilities that launching my brand into the world as a solopreneur has brought to me. My client list is building and I cannot wait to continue to share work with my positive community of followers and subscribers.

If you want more information on The Ameri Brit Mom Writing and Editing Services, check out these posts:

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I hope that as a reader you can sense my authenticity in writing this post. If this comes off as a sales pitch or marketing ploy please know that my intention is to share something I am proud of and excited about with those who find themselves landing on my page. A lot of work and planning has gone into launching this brand in 2022 and I am proud of all that I have accomplished in the first twenty-two days of business.

I cannot wait to grow and offer many more possibilities for my clients and subscribers.

The Ameri Brit Mom

5 thoughts on “Possibility: Five Minute Friday

  1. I know you must be nervous
    that advertising’s greed,
    but know you offer service
    that so many need!
    I’ve read your work on Fridays,
    and reading is the proof
    that you take the side, always,
    of authenticity and truth.
    You clients will be fortunate
    for all your skill and care,
    and I think it’s a sure bet
    that they will make aware
    their friends and colleagues, one and all,
    that you’re a true professional.

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