The Man Flu

I vigorously disinfected. I ensured that I was the one touching and taking care of our two year-old daughter as she recovered from her recent illness. I quarantined the germs. All in hopes of not allowing my husband to contract the dreaded Man Flu. The preventative actions were all in vain. This morning I awoke to one helpless victim of the Man Flu.

Some of you may be asking what is this Man Flu illness? I’m not sure how this disease looks in your home, but in the Sisley house the Man Flu is comparable to Ebola. The symptoms are similar to that of the common cold, but beware the infected personnel of this disease may be experiencing near-death. Or so it would appear.

The Symptoms: inability to get out of bed/off the couch, insistance on another to provide food and beverages, fatigue, long naps, dramatic statements such as “I think I’m dying” or “My head may fall off”, low grade fever (at best), viewing five or more consecutive episodes of favorite shows on Netflix, and inability to complete expected chores and responsibilities.

Really, if your man exhibits any of these symptoms or looks like this…he may be in danger of contracting this illness:

FullSizeRender (1)

Treatment: the only real way to treat this disease is with compassion and sarcasm. Equal parts of both. Oh, and a gentle reminder for the patient of the pain and agony of child birth. (That’s a quick cure, but only works if the patient is in good spirits…I don’t recommend trying this treatment if your significant other doesn’t show signs of a sense of humor-or if you have not yet had children)

Man Flu is a joke in our house. My husband does not often become ill, but when he does…BEWARE. I think this time around he uttered the phrase, “I think I’m dying” a handful of times. He knows he is guilty of this and even refers to his illness with the same name. To be truthful he told me I should write today’s post about him and the Man Flu so this is not me bad mouthing my husband in any way. It is simply me making light of the fact that I have now spent the past week nursing to health both my daughter and my husband. (And it is not hard to guess which was the better patient)

So a note to mothers out there…BEWARE of the MAN FLU. The struggle is real.

In all seriousness I don’t mind the occasional Man Flu. It gives me the opportunity to serve my husband. I live to help my family and I enjoy the time spent slowing down and resting. However, after a week of being snowed in with both family members sick it may be driving me to insanity. While Sam rested with Arianna on the couch and they bonded over stuffy noses and drinks of water I cleaned my house to help extinguish the apparent germ infestation. I had a fairly productive afternoon and am ready to place a Doterra order to help prevent this family mayhem from occurring again. (I’ve kind of jumped on the Essential Oils bandwagon lately) I am thankful for my kick-butt immune system this time around and am looking forward to the start of a new work week tomorrow.

I will leave you with a photo I stopped to take while cleaning today to prove that little miss Arianna is on the up-and-up. Stay healthy, viewers, followers, and friends!

FullSizeRender (2)

3 thoughts on “The Man Flu

  1. So glad your family is getting better. I miss seeing you guys every week. This is a very helpful way for me to stay connected to you.


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