Feeling Crafty

This morning I did not exercise self-control as I strolled through the craft aisle at Walmart. Today is the first official day of my Spring break and I was feeling crafty. Over the past few weeks I’ve been itching to get crafty, so why not tackle some of the projects I’ve been putting off? I filled my sqeaking cart with a few tubes and packages of paints, modge podge, paint markers, canvases and various brushes.


My daughter has been blessed with my husband’s artistic genes. I’m not one to do much painting, but I’ve been creeping around the blogging realm and Pinterest seeking some paint motivation lately. I decided to start small and really just experiment with mixing colors and calligraphy. That seemed reasonable when considering my skill set. I love to doodle and play around with fonts.

Here’s a look at some of my projects/accomplishments today:

1. Friendship Sign: This sign is to be hung in our guest bathroom. The room is already decorated well with coordinating towels, and photos from a recent trip to NYC, but it was missing a piece to bring the ideas together. I developed this cute sign using the following materials:

1 hanging Chalkboard

Washi Tape

Paint Pen


2. Canvases: I purchased a canvas 3-pack. I created two canvases experimenting with color schemes and once the paint dried I added some calligraphy to each using a black paint pen. My daughter painted a pink canvas nearly to perfection. Once her paint dried she helped me to use washi tape to make an A for her initials. Then, we outlined the A in the silver paint pen. Here are links to the supplies we used:

3-pack canvas

acrylic paints

paint pen

Washi Tape

paint brushes

IMG_0443 IMG_0440

IMG_0451 IMG_0449 IMG_0448

3. Anchor: A few months ago I was on Etsy and I purchased a wooden anchor from Duane’s Workshop. My busy brain kept me from remembering to purchase paint for the anchor…until today. I used some of the aforementioned acrylic paints and created a lovely grey shade mixing equal parts black and white paints. After the paint dried I hung the anchor in my living room.


I truly did enjoy today’s crafting experience and loved to see my daughter engage in art in such a positive  way. Hopefully there are some more do-it-yourself projects in our near future. Let me know what you think and if you have any more DIY ideas for us.

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