My Blog To-Do List

Recently, I’ve read the book Blog Inc. by Joy Cho from Oh Joy!

FullSizeRender (14)

This book has given me a lot of information about creating a successful blog. The following is a to-do list I’ve created after reading this book. If you have any information about making any of these tasks happen please share!

1. Create a fun blog banner (collage style?)

2. Provide a link for RSS feed

3. Check the US Patent and Trademark website for any title conflicts (theameribritmom)

4. Create a more appealing and user friendly layout

5. Design a more consistent post pattern (setting a consistent time to post daily as well at topics schedule)

6. Create a blogging-friendly space in my home to serve as the hub for blogging.

7. Email specific bloggers who have been inspirational to me.

8. Create a blog business card (I am currently not doing any business on my site, but a business card can be an easy way to spread word about my blog)

9. Incorporate blog into other social media sites.

10. Attend a blogging conference.

11. Create a footer which gives me rights to moderate comments.

12. Keep track of site traffic.

I’m planning to take the month of April to focus on these updates and changes.

Any other ideas fellow bloggers? I’m a newbie still…I’m sure I’m missing something. I’m looking for some constructive advice 🙂 Also, I recommend all bloggers read this insightful and inspirational book!

2 thoughts on “My Blog To-Do List

  1. This list is really handy! I always use a free layout (because my tastes are so flighty that it would be silly to stick with one paid theme) but I make sure it looks good on both my laptop and my phone… some blog themes just don’t cooperate with phones, and that’s a darn shame. Good luck with everything!

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award… you can check it out here: Keep being an awesome blogger!


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