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Motivating Momma: Desiree

Since May is a month of celebrating mothers I have been working on my first ever interview series for my blog called Motivating Mommas. One thing that I have learned that is vital to motherhood is finding other mothers who encourage you and inspire you to be better. I tend to seek wisdom from women who have been where I am and made it through. If you are interested in appearing in this series on my blog please let me know!

The first momma I am featuring on my blog is my friend, Desirée . Desirée is a beautiful woman of God and I admire her so much for her faith, family, and friendship. I first met Desirée at her former church where she worked with Upward basketball. My husband travels to events like Upward ceremonies and performs his basketball tricks along with giving his testimony. Desirée was present at one of his shows and a little over a year later we crossed paths again. Both of our families had begun attending the same church in a different city from where we had originally met.
My husband and I had just begun attending our current church home and we were invited to join a home group that met during the week. We were nervous because we had not met many people in the church yet, but the moment we pulled up to the host house Desirée pulled in behind us and asked if Sam was the “Sizzla” (his performing name). Right off the bat I knew that God had brought Desirée into my life for a reason.
God has been forming our friendship for exactly a year (THIS WEEK!) and I am so thankful for all of the wisdom she has given me. She is a wealth of knowledge and has an amazing testimony about motherhood. It seems only fitting that as Mothers’s  day is approaching that I thank her for being an awesome role model for me. The following is my interview with Desirée.
desiree 2
1. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
2 kids, Grace 11 & Gavin 10
2. What was the biggest challenge you faced in the early stages of motherhood?
Having 2 only 18 months apart was a lot of work but I would say not having a church family or friends for  support.  My family was wonderfully supportive, but early on I didn’t know other moms or Christian women.
3. What lessons did you learn from your own mother?  
My mother taught me to be kind and a giver. She always showed others her love through acts of kindness and acts of service.
4. What is your most recent struggle as a mother?
Technology!!! Finding the safe boundaries and limits to time and information. Teaching my kids the right way to handle themselves via text, FaceTime, and email was certainly not in any hand book. Social Media!!  To educate them on cyber bulling and internet safety, ugh it’s a big scary web…
5. What is the most meaningful lesson you have learned about being a mother?
 To help my children build a relationship with Jesus. For them to know Jesus in their youth, building a strong foundation.   I also hug & kiss them and tell them everyday they are loved.
6. What advice would you give to a new mom?
To be patient. You will be exhausted, there will be situations when u feel defeated but trust in God’s plan. Also I would say, WORDS are powerful so be positive when talking to your children always build them up with your words and love.  When you do fail (we all have moments when words come out faster than your mind can stop them) forgive yourself and apologize to them, let them know that we make mistakes and want to be the best Mom we can be for them.
7. How do you make time for yourself despite the demands and pace of motherhood?
I MAKE time in my schedule because I know the negative effects it has on us moms not to have a social life, hobbies or interests.  We need the “break” to refresh our minds and to fill our bucket(from the book The Five Love Languages.) Not making time in my past resulted in depression, fatigue, loneliness, over eating and feeling inadequate. So I encourage moms to join a women’s bible study or a moms group to get started at expanding your circle of mommy friends. I am able to MAKE time for myself because of others like my husband, mother, grandmother, and friends help.
8. What is your favorite part of motherhood?
Loving on my children, and being loved by my children.  Watching them grow up and become wonderful people who love God and want to show God’s love to others is truly a gift.
9. Do you have any established family routines (game night, library dates, etc.)?
   We do enjoy a family movie night as well as a family game night.  We also love to play sports together and go camping. We also take our children on individual date nights so that each of them get valuable alone time with Mom or Dad.
10. What are three fun (non-motherhood) facts about you?
-I love playing and coaching Volleyball
-I have a servants heart, so to serve Christ by serving others fills my heart with Joy
-I am an inductee of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame

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