Summer Party Maxi Dress


There are so many things I love about summer. The long evenings, the beautiful sun, the great outdoors, and the functionality of the maxi dress. For years I have been intimidated by the long dresses in the shops. On hangers, each one looks like it is double my height and would never fit me in my wildest dreams. I am of meager stature, so the idea of one dress covering from shoulders to toe seemed to me as though it may highlight my lack of height. But, one day all of my prejudices toward maxi dresses were proven incorrect when I got the guts to try one on at TJ Maxx. I instantly fell in love with the light-weight, easy appeal of the dress. And ever since my first maxi dress purchase I have continued to seek out new dresses in fun patterns and colors.

Another thing I enjoy about the maxi dress is the fact that they are accepted attire for nearly every event. At school, I throw a cardigan over the top to give it the professional look. For a day in the park or outdoors the maxi dress is fine without any additions. For evening parties, dates, or bonfires a maxi dress looks great with a denim jacket or light cover-up. Maxi dresses are so versatile it’s ridiculous. I’m a fan of fun and colorful patterns so the dress above is one of my favorites and go-to summer party dresses.

Do you have a summer outfit staple?

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