A Little Athletic Style

Today on my Wednesday fashion series I am focusing on athletic style. Everything I am wearing in the photograph above is from Old Navy’s athletic line. I love the way that clothing lines are capitalizing on the healthy lifestyle. They are making it much more fashionable to get fit. If I’m being honest (and maybe a little vain) sometimes the motivation I need to get out and run comes in the form of a color coordinated outfit complete with bright athletic shoes. Also, I have a really hard time walking into a sports/athletic shop and passing up the opportunity to indulge in the colorful and breathable attire.

My Wednesday fashion posts are dedicated to a short, but sweet description of a style or fashion I’m enjoying. I love documenting my outfits and I hope to inspire others to find simple pieces that compliment their personal style.

Active Tank in Lavendar Go Lightly $13.00

Cropped Jersey Leggings in Black $12.50

Wide-Grip Headband in Pink $9.94

One thought on “A Little Athletic Style

  1. I have quite a few work-out clothes from Old Navy. I love the athletic shorts. I have two pairs and I am thinking about picking up two more this summer. They are so comfortable! Love the picture 🙂


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