Coffee Filter Butterflies

Summer has begun and the search for toddler-friendly activities is in full bloom. Over the past couple of weeks my daughter has shown an expressed interest in art. She loves to sit and draw and her artwork is really beginning to resemble the objects she is intending to replicate. For example, earlier this week she drew this rain cloud for her dad. She explained that the dot in the middle of the cloud is all the rain getting ready to make us all wet.


She also has been drawing caterpillars galore. This is her favorite thing to draw and she is getting really good at it.


My daughter is only two and a half, but she is extremely interested in arts and crafts. For me I am a little challenged by this talent. I appreciate good art, but cannot create my own. Obviously, my daughter has inherited her abilities from my husband’s side of the family. Now that I am on summer vacation I’ve planned out several ways to cater to my daughter’s artistic needs to help her expand her skills and learn some fun art forms. I went a little pin-crazy on Pinterest earlier this week and pinned a ridiculous amount of toddler friendly crafts. You can check out my board here.

For our first craft I chose something that seemed easy enough for me to not mess up. We made coffee filter butterflies. I already had all of the materials necessary for creating these colorful works of art. We had a great time painting the filters and watching them dry. Once dry we gathered the filter in the middle and wrapped a pipe cleaner around it to form the body of the butterfly. I was very pleased with the way these turned out. Below is a list of the materials needed for this project:

-coffee filters

-water color paints

-paint brush

-pipe cleaners

-cup of water



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