Father’s Day and a Ninety Year Old Birthday Party


What a special weekend! It’s not every year that you get to spend an entire weekend celebrating Father’s Day and a 90th birthday surrounded by friends and family. This year is special for our family. My great-grandmother turned 90 on Father’s Day. We orchestrated a family cookout/pool party in honor of great-grandma. It was such a great day being around all those who call her mother or grandmother (or great-great grandma in the case of my child.) The kids enjoyed the pool and I enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with a pretty awesome woman. My grandmother is a blessing. She is so very sweet and loves every one in our family so much. We were lucky today to have this blessed time with such a wonderful lady.

IMG_1029 IMG_1030

We knew that today would be busy so we celebrated my husband’s Father’s Day one day in advance. Some exciting news: He accepted a new teaching position during this past week at the school district where I am employed and also the one our daughter will attend in the future! I am so excited that we will essentially have the same schedule and his commute changes from forty-five minutes to about five. So…to celebrate this job and the fact that he is a great daddy 100% of the time we gifted him with some new books for his classroom and a polo in his new school colors with an embroidered mascot as well. He looks so good in the navy and gold. I’m so proud of him.

We spent our faux Father’s day grabbing burgers at one of my husband’s favorite burger places. Then, we were off to Tuttle Mall in Hilliard. Generally my husband would never request a shopping trip on a day we celebrate him, but with the weather being as rainy as it has been we have pretty much exhausted all of the alternative options. We got some exercise and enjoyed some family time window shopping. Then, it was off to use a gift card to Carabba’s. This is one of our family’s favorite dining locations around Columbus. My husband prefers the wood-grilled chicken whereas I tend to order more of their pastas like the fettuccine weezie.


This morning before attending the family cookout in honor of dear great grandmother we topped off our Father’s Day festivities with a breakfast at IHOP. As always it was delicious and I really dig their french vanilla coffees.

Tomorrow the Father’s Day festivities continue as my sisters and I will honor our father. My dad is such an awesome guy. He did raise me to be virtually helpless around the house because he has always been willing and able to do so much. One time when I was little I remember he got tired of not having a place to put towels after they were folded so he just built a closet…in less than a week. Just last week when we were working on building a garden he was generous and let me borrow his hose.  My dad has always been handy, but in more ways than one. He always provided for and encouraged me. His role has changed a little now that I’m a mother myself, but he is still an awesome father and grandfather.

Life is good. Nothing helps you gain a positive perspective like family time honoring  deserving people. I’m going to wrap up this family centered post with the poem that my daughter and I wrote on a card for my husband on Father’s Day, well, if we’re being honest I wrote it 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

A man with a heart that’s as big as the world,

Is worth every minute he spends with his girl.

She’s lucky to have a dad who cares like you do,

Who is present and caring and fun loving too.

We’re so proud of you and your new school,

To have you home more will be really cool.

You’re a great dad from beginning to end,

And you like to go out and on us time you spend.

Thanks for reading and cleaning and cooking too,

No other dad is as “on it” as you.

You’re special, we know, and we thank you so much,

For all that you do for our family, we love you a bunch.

So happy Father’s Day from the girls who love you most,

Stay in bed and we’ll bring you French Toast.

All of this day is to celebrate you,

And all of the awesome fatherly things that you do.

Thanks for everything,
Arianna and Mommy

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