Some Sperry Love

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I have a thing for comfortable shoes. Scratch that: I have a thing for cute, comfortable shoes. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to shoes due to my active lifestyle and also my bad knees from years of overuse while running competitively. It’s become a tradition that I ask for new shoes for my birthday each year. This year I was gifted two new pairs of flip flops for my Sperry collection. Above are pictured my Sperrys:

1. Parrotfish Sandal in grey/silver

2. Seafish Thong in black

I have owned a few pairs of Sperrys over the years and I love their durability. Not only are they comfortable with their arch supports and cushioning, but they also last a long time and can hold up through a lot of wear and tear. I visited England recently for two and half weeks. My go-to shoes on the trip were my new Sperry flip flops. Some days I would walk over five miles and both I and my shoes held up just fine. These flip flops even do well in rain. Cheap flip flops and sandals will fill with water and fall apart when wet, but my Sperrys never let me down.


Last night my husband and I did a long walk through the town where we live and my Sperrys were comfortable for this exploratory walk. They made it easy for us to decide on an impromptu walk. Our daughter was off playing with a cousin and my husband and I grabbed a quiet and romantic dinner followed by a leisurely walk which was not dictated by pavements for the maneuvering of a stroller or cut short by a fatigued toddler. I didn’t have to worry about hurting my feet in high heels and I still felt like my shoes were adorable. If you own any Sperry shoes I’m sure you can relate to the love I have for my pairs. They never let me down. It’s so easy to do life in Sperrys.

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