Reblog: Quit Multitasking


As a wife, mother, teacher, and friend I’ve learned to be quite the multi-tasker. Even as I sit here writing this post I am running the washing machine, have lunch cooking on the stove, and am watching my daughter shimmy into the clothes I laid out for her for the day. Multi-tasking isn’t an option. It is a way of life. However, my perspective on multi-tasking has been challenged through the blog post I am reblogging today from

This post speaks to the downfall of multi-tasking. It rocked my world when it began to talk about the art of multi-tasking as self-defeating. When 100% of our attention is pulled in different directions we are only able to devote portions of our focus to the task at hand. We think we are being more productive by doing more than one thing at a time, but really productivity comes from focusing on one thing before moving on to the next task. I really enjoyed this post. Please take a few minutes to read the article, Quit Multitasking. This article will really cause you to question your behaviors if you are anything like me!

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