Putting the Hat Back On


A while ago I posted an article about one of the many hats that I wear on a daily basis. This article was about my journey as the adviser for the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at the high school where I work. If you haven’t read it yet check out the post One of My Many Hats.

Last night we kicked off our first meeting of my fifth year leading the group. Every year we meet at the home of one of the upperclassmen leaders. This has always been a positive experience. Having these meetings in a home helps to facilitate a family-feel. The students feel safe to open up to one another and there is opportunity for them to also experience what it is like to be a part of a Christian home if that is something they are not privileged enough to haveĀ themselves.

Our first meeting went off without a problem. Over fifty students showed up. There was a healthy mix of students who had attended in previous years and those who were new to the high school this year. We began our meeting by introducing who we are and why we meet. One of the senior leaders led a quick description of our goals as a club which is just to grow together toward Christ and lead others in the school to know Christ more. I introduced myself, but the first meeting was almost completely led by students. They organized the meeting and later each stood up and shared their personal story and testimony with the rest of the club.

I didn’t realize how much I had missed every single one of the students over the summer until they began to arrive in carpools to the meeting. The excitement of seeing them for the first time in months was exhilarating. I spent the evening catching up with students who attended last year and getting to know all of the new students in attendance.

As a whole group they played a game that our FCA in infamous for: The Name Game. It involves running. screaming, and embarrassing yourself. So naturally the students all favor this particular game. I was so proud of them as every single student participated in the games, which is not always the case. After the game we moved into a time of worship. We all sat near a fire pit and listened/sang along to a worship song. Every week I provide lyrics to each song for those students who may be unfamiliar with it. This is such an awesome time. How many Christian public school teachers get to have an opportunity to worship with their students?


Finally, the meeting wrapped up with good food and fellowship. The kids hung around for a bit shooting hoops, playing frisbie and talking. God has blessed me so much by allowing me to serve as adviser for this club. We are so privileged as a school to continue to have an FCA when other schools are told no. The administration at my school is supportive of all kids and their spiritual/emotional health and that is so encouraging me.

Please join me as I pray that God will continue to grow this program and people who are searching for Him will find Him in our family at FCA.

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