Birthday Hangover

I’ve been a little behind in my posting this week. I’m going to blame my lack of writing on the inevitable birthday hangover I experience every year after Arianna’s birthday celebrations finally come to an end. As a family we spend months in preparation for each birthday. For me, it is an emotional time every year as our baby presses on to a new age and more independence. I began researching and pinning ideas for Arianna’s gift this year around July. By early August we had settled on a plan and the following month would include the execution of said plan.

We’ve been blessed to have a loving and intelligent daughter who would rather spend her time crafting, drawing, or painting than playing with toys so we decided to create an inviting space she could call hers where all of these activities could be organized and take place. Our home is a two story home. We have an open loft on the second floor that we really hadn’t done much with. Previously, it housed a comfortable chair where I would occasionally read. Without too much moving around we were able to clear the loft and redesign it according to the needs and preferences of our young artist.


Sam decided to undertake the task of building Arianna a desk from two shelves and a Medium-Density Fiber Board. I ordered some polka dot wall decals in orange, teal, and purple from Polka Dot Wall Stickers.ย I also consulted Pinterest for the best process for storing supplies and decided to hang pails holding utensils on the wall. This allows for her to see all of her options while also keeping her supplies from becoming a mixed-up mess inside a box or on the floor.


We designed wall space on which we framed some of our favorite pieces created by Arianna as well as a picture of Elsa that one of my students drew which Arianna loves. Over our utility closet we hung a curtain to help bring out a theme in the decor for the space. Finally, we created a wall for displaying her own arts and crafts.

IMG_1573 (1)



Unrelated to the loft/craft room we also decided it was finally time to convert her bed to a Big-Girl bed!


Things have been busy, but fun in our house since the big reveal. Arianna really loves her own space and she refers to it as her “office.” It was a fabulous birthday and although it may seem like a boring gift to redo a loft for a three year-old she truly was grateful for everything. She’s already spent hours on her own in the office working on several little projects. Watch out, Van Gogh, Arianna is going to give you a run for your money!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Hangover

  1. Oh my gosh that is amazing!! I absolutely love that room!! I love the framed artwork too ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny story- my mom and my husband’s aunt were actually best friends in high school and beyond until she moved quite a few states away. She happened to be visiting when I was born and drew my mom this picture of circus folk kind of as a joke because they used to draw pictures for each other in high school. (They lived in a very small town in high school lol) Anyway, fast forward to me being pregnant with Mason and one of my gifts from my mom for my baby shower was that picture framed. It still hangs in Avery’s room. I get the whole Birthday hangover. You spend all of this time planning and then it’s over. Kind of like a wedding haha. I hope the big girl bed is going well ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Birthday to Arianna!!

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  2. This design is so cute for her!! I wish this year brings her so much joy and happiness! loved the framed artwork she created the best ๐Ÿ™‚


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