On Being a Writer: Limit

This is the final installment in the writing link-up: On Being a Writer on Kate Motaung’s page. These discussions have been centered around the book, On Being a Writer by Anne Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. The final topic is limit.

One important lesson I am learning about writing is the necessity of setting limits. Life is full of demands and we must all learn the power of setting priorities if we are going to be successful at anything in this life. I’ve learned that I need to limit my time spent doing any single thing in order to maintain a healthy balance. I have goals of writing for thirty minutes a day whether that be blogging or journaling. I’ve set aside two hours every weekend to solely focus on my novel writing, but the daily practice of blogging and journaling is helping to push me toward further writing goals.

In order to execute these goals I also must limit other things in my life. God and family are my top priorities and if I am going to accomplish my potential in any area I must set aside time to focus on those two things. As a family, we have set aside Thursdays as family time. We vowed to not make plans on Thursdays so that we have that day of rest. Some days that means even cutting out my writing time. In order to be productive at writing my mind must be at ease and that doesn’t happen readily when my mind and body have been going at warp speed for days on end. Instituting a family night at home (most likely watching Netflix) has helped me to stay sane amid the constant pull for my attention elsewhere.

Take time for you. Take time for top priorities. Everything else will prosper when you take time for these.

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