This Moment

At this moment I am coercing my toddler to eat her dinner at the table. I’m explaining that ketchup stains are not complimentary to the living room carpet. I am also advising her that the milk I just poured into her small glass belongs to her and not the cat, her momentary nemesis.

She’s in a phase where she thinks completely disregarding me is acceptable. This, I know, is a precursor to the dreaded teenage years to come.

However, in this moment my natural instinct to become angry is clouded by many thoughts. I am blessed to have such an inquisitive, strong-willed girl. Although it may be difficult to appreciate these attributes today, I know that one day she could be a wonderful lawyer if she should choose to become one. She would be so fabulous in this position because she began to perfect the art of debate at such a young age. (Too bad mama never let her win!)

I am thankful that I’m raising a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t easily back down. These are two characteristics that she will truly benefit from in the future, but right now in this instance she is not reaping those benefits. (Her mama also possesses the gift of not backing down.)

As frustrating as toddler-hood can be God is giving me the privilege to raise a young girl and teach her all about the finer things of life. Everyday God provides me opportunities to coach her through life lessons. So instead of losing my cool I will do my best to stay calm in this moment and remember that I am her life coach. It’s my job to teach her to take these skills she’s trying to practice on me and put them to better use. I will try not to let anger direct my words, but instead teach her lessons in love and respect.

It’s all about perspective!


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