Dear Bible…

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Dear Bible,

There is no excuse for the layer of dust which is collecting atop your burgundy leather binding. As you  have sat on the table beside my writing place your absence from my life has gone unnoticed until now. Things are settling down and my life is beginning to once again resemble normality. In those moments when I try to put a finger on the nagging feeling that I’ve missed something important I am reminded of all of the good times we’ve shared together and how it’s be a little while since our last encounter.

If you feel abandoned or neglected please know that was not my intent. As you ache to be noticed I ache to be filled. I miss the days where we spent hours together. I begged a question of you and found wisdom in your words. Too long has passed since our last meeting.

So as I sit here and think about our many pleasant memories together I anticipate cracking you open and hearing the rustle of your thin pages. I miss the way your words jump off the page at me. I wish to once again experience the life that comes from your every word. For far too long I’ve tried to make it through each difficult day with my faith alone. But, today I am ready to pick you back up again. I am empty and I need the fulfillment that comes from spending time with you. Shall we begin?

A good writer can see a story and life in every object. 

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