My Hometown

Welcome to my very own Creative Writing Month where each day of the month I am focusing on a topic and spending fifteen minutes reflecting and writing as inspired by the topic. For more information about why and how check out my post, Writing Down the Bones.

Today’s topic: Write about the streets of your hometown.

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Tall, brick businesses line the paved roads of my hometown. Each Victorian Giant stands guard over the sidewalk blocking the sun from the pedestrians who venture out below. These are the streets I’ve grown up on. A quaint town full of hidden gems and places that have become very much a part of me. People have come and gone in my life, but the streets of my hometown have virtually stayed the same. They are a constant, unmoving entity in life. Yes, businesses have changed or shifted locations, and the evils of fire have stolen from the town, but no other place in the world will feel as much a part of me as my first dwelling. My hometown.

As a child I walked these streets in tow with my parents. Clinging to their hands I visited shops, marched in parades, and strolled through the most beautiful parts of the town. As a pre-teen I cycled up the hills, through alleyways and toward the center of town with neighbors and friends. As a teenager I took to the streets again on foot, but now the city was my course. Instead of walking the cement paths I ran every inch of the city. I trained rigorously in my hometown. My blood, sweat, and tears have been poured over each block of town. In my college days I used these streets for driving. From college to the coffee shop, the grocery store, the parties. And now I continue the cycle as I trod through the city with my daughter.

To share my hometown and memories with my daughter is special. This is not her home or where I’ve chosen to continue my life, but it will always be home for me. For all the times my feet made contact and my eyes took in the wonders of the town I call it mine. Life has removed me from this place that I call home, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

My hometown is where I go to remember childhood. Innocence. Who I truly am.

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