Novel Update

Hey, guys! I know I’ve been a little short on my posts this week, but I have a lot of things going on to share with you to make up for lost time. I’ve continued to work on my Creative Writing Month posts. Most of my writings have made their way to my blog, but others have taken a temporary place of residence in my Writing Notebook. I still plan to carry out the plan through the remainder of the month so stay tuned for more creative writing posts over the next two weeks.

One reason that I’ve taken a little breather this week from my blog is because I have begun to evaluate some of my writing goals. As I look back to last year’s resolutions I am reminded of my goal to finish a novel in a year. At the time it seemed like a ridiculous goal, but as I’m now 75% done with my novel I see that this is something within my grasp by December 31.

In order for me to meet this goal of mine I will need to be a little more diligent over the next month to make sure that I am carving out the necessary time from my schedule to make it happen. Over the past couple of days I’ve drawn out a plan and as long as I can work up the discipline to see it through I should be finished with draft 1 of my first novel by the end of the year! Amen!

So as I chase down this goal I have a couple of requests for my dedicated readers:

First of all, please be in prayer for me and my family as I put myself into overdrive to see this happen. I plan to do most of my writing when my family is away or asleep, but still it is a huge undertaking on all three of us. I feel very strongly that this novel and its message are from God or else I wouldn’t be pouring the time and effort into it that is required.

Second of all, I ask you, dear readers, to be patient. The content of my blog between now and December 31 may be shorter than normal. I don’t want to simply be posting just to tick something off my to-do list for the day. The plan is to continue routine posts, but the routine may be a little less frequently than it has come to be lately.

Thirdly, After my novel draft 1 is finished I will be looking for some beta readers to help in the editing process. Please pray about whether you would like to be a part of that team to help take my rough draft to the next level. I will be assembling that team in February or March if all goes according to plan.

I have always said that my readers are such a blessing. Blogging has brought so many encouraging people across my path. Also, this blog has opened doors to several opportunities and conversations that may never have happened had I not stepped out in such a public way. I am so grateful and thankful for those who follow and read my blog and I can’t wait to journey into 2016 with you all!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week-for you I am thankful!



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