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Scally on the Loose

This Christmas season has been exciting and full of surprises. Arianna is three and loving everything about Christmas preparations. She enjoys picking out presents for her family members. During the annual tree decorating she took charge and told us where to hang each of her special ornaments. Each day when I pick her up from the sitter she requests a jam session to the local Christmas Radio Station for the car ride home. And she has been absolutely tickled by our introduction of Elf on the Shelf to this year’s festivities.

Her elf made an appearance for the first time on the day after Thanksgiving and without skipping a beat Arianna named the elf, “Scally, because it’s short for Scalawag.” Okay, maybe we need to start limiting Jake the Pirate in this house.

That night, Scally left Arianna a note and explained that every night while Arianna is asleep Scally goes to the North Pole and reports to Santa about her. She will return just before the sun rises and then will be frozen wherever she is and fall asleep. All of us (mom and dad included) have had a blast keeping this little story alive for Arianna. Each morning she awakes with excitement and searches the house high and low for her new elf friend. I thought I would share some photos of what our elf has been up to.

There are some super creative ideas out there on Pinterest and I’m excited to get a little more crafty once I’m out of school for Christmas break. Two more weeks!!!

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