Most Memorable Posts of 2015

2015 has been a great year for me. Last year I set some high goals for myself involving my desire to write. I began this blog by February and have made major headway in my independent pursuit of writing. As I look back on the year I’m so grateful for this platform which God has used to reach so many people.

I am going to take a look back at my Top 5 posts of 2015.

1.Stitch Fix #2

This memorable post is a look into the products/services provided by Stitch Fix. In this post I go into detail about my personal experience and why I continue to use Stitch Fix.


2. Church in the Living Room

I just posted this over the weekend, but the stats soared almost immediately. In this post I explain how my church took a digital approach to Vision Sunday and some of the challenges given by pastor to the congregation of Covenant Church in Grove City, Ohio.


3. Motivating Momma: Autumn

For Mother’s Day this year I did an interview series. I found some mothers that I looked up to and had them answer some questions for me. Autumn was one of those mothers. I met Autumn through blogging and her story is so moving. Through all her trials Autumn has remained a positive influence in the blog-o-sphere. You can follow her writing on Welcome to My World.


4. A Trial Run in Fiction Writing

I’ve been writing short stories for years, but this year I published some of my writings on this blog for the world to see for the first time. I’ve learned a lot since this first trial run (it’s a bit rough), but it’s a good reflection of where I’ve been and where I’m headed in 2016.

5. Date Jar (Week 1) Family Campout

Last winter, when we were tempted as a family to spend all of our time at home we set up a family Date Jar and for seven weeks I chronicled our dates around the Columbus metro area (with a bonus trip to NYC). Something similar is in the works for 2016 so stay tuned.



Thanks for a memorable year for The Ameri Brit Mom blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience of blogging from the perspective of mother, teacher, writer, wife, and friend. I’m looking forward to spending 2016 with you!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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