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After a fun-filled Saturday at COSI (Center of Science and Industry) my daughter was completely exhausted. She had ventured into a submarine, built a rocket ship with massive legos, and pretended to be a doctor equipped with a stethoscope for about an hour straight. On our ride home she was fast asleep before we ever reached the freeway.

It was a great day. A family date for the memory books. But all things must come to an end and when we arrived home her fun-filled day of learning and exploring met its term.

Our daughter made it into the house without waking. It was bit early for bed so my husband laid her on the couch for just a moment as he took his coat off and I did the same. In the moment it took for us both to remove our coats our daughter fell off the couch and landed on the wood laminate floor of the living room catching herself with the front of her face.

She was a bloody mess. She didn’t wake before she hit the floor so she did not even try to cushion her fall. This terrible plummet resulted in a split lip, bruised cheek, swollen mouth, and loose tooth. Now, she’s only three years old so at least it was a baby tooth, but now my poor baby resembles Cindy Lou Who with a crooked front tooth.

She will be going to see her dentist on Thursday to make sure that there was no lasting damage done in the accident. I doubt they will do much, but I want to be on the safe side. This is her first big accident, and I felt terrible as her mother as she cried and bled in my arms. However, in the back of my mind I knew that sooner or later my clumsy little girl was bound to be hurt. I didn’t enjoy this experience, but it was a good reminder of the resilience of children. After all, I’m still aching at the memory of what happened, while she’s loving the fact that she gets to eat ice cream and soft foods until the tooth reattaches.

A year ago I would have been a nervous wreck as a result of this event. I would have blamed myself and thought that it spoke of me as a parent for allowing this to happen to her. I have thankfully moved on from the part of my life where I saw myself through such a critical lens. At the end of the day it was terrible that it happened, but kids will be kids. Accidents happen, and I will just be thankful that she is okay and take those extra hugs and cuddles.


One thought on “Face+Floor=Disaster

  1. Avery fell a couple of days before Thanksgiving and I was sure she lost a tooth. There was blood everywhere and she wouldn’t let me look in her mouth at first. Of course this happened at the mall play area so we had tons of witnesses. She did end up with a scar under her lip. I think she bit her bottom lip when she fell. At first I felt like a horrible mom but now I realize kids will be kids and she will probably fall 100 more times. It doesn’t take them long to forget all about their injuries. I think we remember them for way longer. Glad she is okay and it looks like you guys had a great day!!


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