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Stand In The Place Where You Live

Lately, I’ve been on the prowl to find some unique pieces for a couple of gallery walls in my house. Currently, there is a wall in progress in the living room and one in the kitchen of more themed pieces. Over the weekend, while on a shopping escapade I had a wonderful idea: why not use some unique regional pieces which showcase our family’s heritage?

Marrying a man from England has truly shaped my worldview. I’ve learned to think and love outside of my small corner of the world. I may have never lived more than an hour from my home epicenter in any direction, but being married to Sam has helped me to see that there is more to be explored beyond the Ohio River.

I’m an Ohioan through and through and that will not ever change.

Sam is a Southampton boy and that will never change either.

So I’ve been thinking about bringing the ameri-brit part of our family into our home decor. What better way to highlight that uniqueness to our children and guests than to incorporate knicks and knacks from both of our backgrounds in the aesthetic presence of our house.

Below is a mood board of some pieces I would love to see join our gallery walls.

  1. Blue English Canvas
  2. Ohio Pallet
  3. Ohio Stuff from Simply Vague
  4. London Canvas 

One thought on “Stand In The Place Where You Live

  1. I went on Etsy and found TR Prints. They do amazing prints and I got one of Ukraine because that is where my Grandparents were from. Definitely worth checking out!


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