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My Thirty One Bag

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When I first started teaching it quickly became apparent that in order to make the trek from school to home efficiently each day that I would need to own a functional tote. For years, I’ve carried a Vera Bradley tote, which I’ve loved, but over Christmas break my VB tote finally bit the dust. I received it my first year of teaching five years ago so it was a good run, but it was obvious that it was time to purchase a new tote.

Last month, I was approached by a student who was taking part in a fundraiser to help toward an upcoming school trip. The fundraiser involved Thirty-One. This is a personalized bag and organizer company which works through direct sales. Their mission is to sell bags to empower women.

In my previous experience all of the Thirty-One bags I currently own have held up well, and have been extremely functional so I decided to support the student in his endeavor.

I decided on the large tote (which was the special for February) in the Navy Perfect Pendant print. Because it was a sale for the month they no longer carry this exact bag, but the similar tote that they carry continuously is the Go-To Tote in the same print.

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Since receiving my tote I’ve used it daily. I really like the pockets and sections within the bag. Most competitors’ bags lack the organization capabilities that my Thirty-One bag offers. I like when I can put items in a portion of a well-pocketed bag. It eliminates the time spent sifting through the contents in order to locate keys, pens, papers, lipstick, etc. With this bag it’s easy to place things where I want them and they don’t tend to move around once I’m on the go.

If you follow me regularly you know that I am a big supporter of direct sales. Personally, I do not sell anything, but I love the idea of helping women who do. I’m much more likely to purchase things if I know that my money is going toward a good cause. Women who use direct sales to support their family and their dreams is a big reason behind why I choose to support companies like Thirty-One, Origami Owl, Doterra, and Scentsy.

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