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Clean Out That Closet!

A month in to my Home Organization Project I was at a point where a purge was in order. On Monday, my husband and I began to sift through our walk-in closet because it had become un-walkable. Getting rid of clothes is an activity that I should do more often. Ideally, at the beginning of each new season I would get rid of anything I didn’t wear by the end of the last, but there is something so final about the purge that keeps me from doing it regularly.

It isn’t even all that time consuming. It took about thirty minutes to go through every piece of my wardrobe and toss anything I wanted to donate into a large pile.


From this large pile I filled four trash bags. Then, after everything was bagged up we loaded up our car and headed for the Goodwill Donation Center. Some of you are all about the garage sales, and kudos to you, but I can’t stand the stacks of things piling up somewhere in the house waiting for the sale date. So I donate. (Not to mention I feel a little better about the whole act of purging when I know that my clothes all have a chance at another home.)

Although I get a little apprehensive about giving things away, I felt a lot of freedom after the act was done. I went through my closet and did not allow myself to second guess any decisions. Also, another helpful thing I did was get rid of the clothes immediately. Had I let the mood subside and left the clothes in a donation box in my house somewhere I may have talked myself out of a few of the tosses.

Now, I have a fresh closet with space to walk and an ability to see each item of clothing clearly without having to deal with the wrinkling effects of things all stuffed together.


The Ameri Brit Mom

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