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Book Review: The One

The following is a book review by The Ameri Brit Mom. This post expresses the genuine opinion and experiences of The Ameri Brit Mom and is in no way endorsed by authors, publishers, and outside influences.

Title: The One

Author: Kiera Cass

Publisher: HarperTeen

Copyright Date: 2014


Another book down in The Selection series and at the conclusion of this third book I’m left with awe. Awe for the characters I’ve grown to love, the decisions they’ve had to make, and the author who can make me so happy, stressed, and sad all in the span of three hundred pages. I’ve leapt into the world of Illea with both feet and have yet to be let down in the three books I’ve finished so far.

At it’s opening the Selection is down to four girls. A Perfectionist, A Sweetheart, A Diva, and America Singer are left in the fight for Prince Maxon’s heart. Throughout the competition rebels from the South have been attacking the palace. With each attack they are more violent and precise. In an act to protect the kingdom Maxon and America cut a deal with the Northern Rebels. They sneak out of the palace to meet with August and Georgia of the rebel group to form a plan of protection.

Meanwhile, the King is growing impatient with Maxon’s quest to find a wife. Disapproving of America and her caste the King gives her an ultimatum which would expire on Christmas Day. With the time ticking away America must choose to abandon her convictions about the future of the caste system in Illea or to become the next Queen of the country.

In the midst of her decision tragedy strikes her family. America is sent home to bury someone she loves dearly. Her family is monitored closely by guards of the palace during her stay at home in Carolina. With a short reunion with the rest of the Singer family America remembers what she is fighting for and chooses to be honest with Maxon upon her return about her intentions. America also plans to make things right between herself and her first love, Aspen, who has followed her to the palace as a guard.

The love between Maxon and America is so real and evident in this book. Adversity brings them together even when strong forces threaten to tear them apart. Just as Maxon is about to declare a winner for the Selection the rebels seize the moment and mayhem is brought upon the nation as never before.

In the end Maxon must choose one girl to be the next Queen of Illea…

This portion of the series is brought to a beautiful finale. I especially enjoyed reliving the relationship and story thus far in the final chapters of this book. Looking back on where the main characters began at the beginning of the Selection left me with feelings of nostalgia. If you haven’t guessed I’ve been rather smitten by this series and I believe it is truly worth all of the hype it is receiving. I look forward to the new adventures of the final books The Heir and The Crown which bring new characters to the palace.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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