English Costa


In America, you can hardly go three city blocks without encountering a Starbucks Cafe. Although Starbucks is present in England it’s prevalence is much less than that of Costa. Every year that’s one thing I look forward to–a warm mocha (pronounced mock-uh in the UK) topped with cream and drizzled with cocoa. Nothing beats the English chill and rain like a paper to-go cup of warm coffee.

My husband is from the small town of Eastleigh. It is a borough to the city of Southampton. The population is over 125,000. There are three Costas. Two are located in the town center and one is nestled on the outskirts of the main town, but near some large shops.

As I begin to pack my suitcase for my journey back to America I am saddened by the thought that I may not have another Costa coffee until next year. It’s been a great month of memories, excitement, and Costa!!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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