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English Squash Drink


IMG_3094 (1)The English do drinks so much better than Americans.

One thing I instantly miss when I re-enter my homeland is the delicious and healthy quality of the drinks over in England. From the sports drink, Lucazade, to the delicious juice, Oasis, the British refreshments rank far better than the drink options here in the states.

But of all the quality drinks in England nothing tops a cool glass of squash.

I know many of you unfamiliar with the drink are completely grossed out. No, the British do not feed their children juiced vegetables. (Some might, but squash is not made from the vegetable squash.) Squash is actually a sugar-free fruit concentrate that when added to water is remarkable. It is the go-to drink in every household I’ve ever visited in England. Squash is so popular because it is cheap, easy to make, and relatively healthy. The American comparative is Kool-Aid, but I refuse to let me daughter drink that stuff. Kool-aid is basically sugar water and tooth decay in cup. But, after reading through the ingredients in a bottle of squash I have far less qualms about handing my daughter a glass.

There are a couple of ways to make squash. If you want to make a pitcher of the drink, you pour the desired amount into the bottom of the pitcher (it doesn’t take too much) and then fill the rest of the pitcher with water. In order to make a single glass of squash you just add a couple of drops to a glass and fill to the top with water. One bottle of squash can go a long way. Before we left England we purchased a couple bottles for £1 each at Tesco and they will each make up to 60 glasses of squash.


I really wish America would get on the squash train. Granted, there are some places in America where squash can be purchased, but in my experience it is never as fresh or delicious as buying it in England. Recently, I have noticed that Robinson’s Fruit Shoots have been sold in America and although it isn’t true squash, Robinson’s is one of the best  squash brands in England. The Fruit Shoots do not have any added sugar (according to their label) so they are about as close to British Squash as you can get in America. I’ve even noticed that several McDonald’s locations in America give you the option to add a Fruit Shoot to a Happy Meal.

If you have ever found a British squash in America that you have been pleased with please share about the experience. I’m still looking for a place to buy it frequently so that I don’t have to go through withdrawal once my two bottles from England are depleted.

The Ameri Brit Mom


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