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My New Balange

It was time for something new. My hairstyle hadn’t changed in over a year and I was yearning for something fun and different. I had gotten so used to my old style and how to do it that it had become monotonous. Every so often a girl has to live a little and switch things up. So after hours on Pinterest and seeking out advice on social media I decided to go to my stylist with a Lucy Hale inspired balange. Balange was appealing to me because it was low maintenance. I already color my roots so I didn’t want to make a huge commitment to something that would take a lot to keep up. Below is a look at my request. I wanted the cut of the first photo with the color of the second:


Lucy Hale is my style icon. I love her on Pretty Little Liars (did I just admit to watching that show!?!) and I follow her in the fashion world on social media. Her natural hair color is similar to mine and her body type is also very close to mine. I find it very easy to fall in love with just about every outfit she wears and don’t get me started on her makeup. Always perfection!

I was so pleased with the way my stylist pulled off this inspired hair style.

I love that my hair is finally getting long enough to curl. I’ve learned how to do light curls using my flat iron and recently I purchased a curling wand that I’m still learning to use. I’ve never been great at styling my thick locks. My hair is naturally an unruly mess so it generally takes a lot of time and effort to style. This week I’ve played around with styling a little bit. One night we went to a movie so I decided to dress up my look. I did some of the light curls with my flat iron.


Another day I stayed close to home. I worked on some writing and did some painting with my daughter while my husband was out. I decided to go for a simple hair style and an artsy outfit that day. I straightened my hair with a little flip of the flat iron on the end to make the ends curl under.


I’m still looking for some new ideas and tips. It’s been a while since my hair has been long enough to do much with. But I love it and I’m excited. Balange is so much fun!

The Ameri Brit Mom




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