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Why We Are Roman Soldiers

During our summer visit to England my husband and I heard about a new phenomenon sweeping the YouTube world. Countless times we introduced ourselves to people and said that we were from Columbus, Ohio and were met with questions about if we know Roman Atwood. Prior to our trip neither of us had a clue who this Roman guy was and why people in England were so fascinated with him and his family.

And then we watched a vlog…

Let me just say that we were completely blown away. We asked each other, “How have we never heard of him when we have a hometown celebrity so close by?”

So who is Roman Atwood?–If you aren’t already a Roman soldier (the name he gives to his fans) let me explain to you in the best way I can about this outrageously popular and positive YouTube channel. I know my description won’t do him justice, so please check out his YouTube channel if I even somewhat pique your interest.

Roman Atwood first became famous through his outlandish tricks and pranks. Some of his first videos involve him going up to strangers and doing some pretty messed up stuff to get their reactions on film. I won’t lie some of his pranks are ridiculous and I would NEVER recommend trying them on complete strangers. He’s worked with some of the guys from Jack Ass and so if you are familiar with that at all you kind of have an idea of his background.

After his pranks Roman began a second YouTube Channel where he vlogs his daily life and uploads a video just about every day. Most of his vlogs involve the members of his family and their every day lives together. It seems boring, but there is something so inspirational about the Atwood family that has drawn millions of fans to his page. Roman has been through some rough life situations and come out of them with a new and positive perspective. To watch his vlogs you can tell he is just a dad who loves his kids, treats his long-time girlfriend respectfully, and enjoys having a good time.

He has created a brand called Smile More which has also taken off. The store is housed on his family property and run by family members and friends. The goal of Smile More is to help people, like Roman, who are facing obstacles in their lives, to keep a positive perspective. I think the reason so many people have become addicted to watching the Atwoods and Smile More is because they are a real life example of the power of positivity and love and they are spreading messages that everyone needs to hear.

My husband and I have made it a habit to watch these vlogs each night as we are winding down for bed. It’s so uplifting after a rough day to hear Roman’s closing speech at the end of each vlog. No matter how tough your day was there is always something to smile about. Roman oftentimes also speaks about being yourself and not letting people tear you down or change you.

It’s so fun to watch a local guy become a celebrity from a positive message.

Check out the Roman Atwood Vlogs and let me know what you think.

“You are beautiful. You are one of a kind. Smile More!” -Roman Atwood

The Ameri Brit Mom

(photo credit: Noah, Kane, Brittney Smith, and Roman Atwood

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