Dressing and Educating: Days 16-19


Day 16: September 6, 2016

After a long, but eventful Labor Day weekend I came to work today ready and excited about the week ahead. I spent Labor Day at Kings Island Theme Park near Cincinnati, Ohio celebrating my daughter’s fourth birthday. I thought I would be much more tired today than I actually was. The first class periods were a bit rough, but once I got over the third period hump (or more accurately when my coffee kicked in) I had enough energy to get me through the remainder of the school day.

My English classes are wrapping up their first short story reading. By tomorrow they will be ready to review. We “popcorn read” today which students either love or hate. I don’t use this method all year, but it a good early gauge of their individual reading levels.

In Honors World History we cracked open our textbooks for the first time all year and learned about Philip II of Spain. They also prepared for an upcoming map quiz over European nations and their capitals.

Over the weekend I inherited a few new wardrobe pieces from my aunt who has made the transition from working in the business world to working from home. Her style is so cute, so I was beyond ecstatic when she told me she had some clothes for me to look through. The top in this picture was one of my scores from my aunt. She bought the top at Maggie and Me, a small but popular shop in my hometown. My pants are from The Limited. And I wore my lace overlay Toms.


Day 17: September 7, 2016

Most days I live a pretty even-keeled day in the classroom. I try not to let my emotions ebb and flow with the turning tides, but today was an example of one where my emotions got the best of me. A small issue threw me off a bit today. I let something that shouldn’t have bothered me become a much bigger issue than it really needed to be. I’ll admit it.

The silver lining for the day: At least I was wearing cute Lula Roe leggings, a white tank from Primark in England, and a navy cardigan from my first ever Stitch Fix, and red Toms.



Day 18: September 8, 2016

In English class we played a review game in English and discussed the reign of Philip II of Spain during my Honors World History class.

The height of my day was being the first on the scene of a pretty brutal fight in the hallway. Thank the Lord for male teachers who quickly came to help allowing me to just stand back and order the rest of the students (who were trying to film the encounter) to return to class while they took care of the situation. Turning the corner to my hallway after lunch I hardly expected to find one shirtless student choking another out in the middle of the hall. One thing I’ve learned working with high school students is not to get involved in their physical confrontations. Ever. I leave that to the more muscular and deal with the rest of the student population’s safety during a fight.

I’m so glad that is over and my adrenaline level is back to normal. No one was seriously hurt and for that I’m so thankful.

Above, I am wearing a top from Lula Roe, new olive jeggings I bought last night at Walmart ($12), and an older pair of charcoal Toms.


Day 19: September 9, 2016

I’m so glad the weekend is here. It’s been a great and enjoyable week of teaching, but with all of the birthday festivities for my daughter this weekend I’ve been spending much of my time at home working so that everything is ready for the big day.

My students took their first online English quiz today over “The Most Dangerous Game,” a short story by Richard Connell. Overall they did really well. I was impressed with their scores and written responses. In Honors World History we finished our first section as well and reviewed that section.

For my casual Friday I chose to wear jeans from The Limited, a black and white striped anchor shirt from Outback Red, and my favorite cargo vest from Stitch Fix (a staple for wardrobes this season.) I paired this relaxed look with my black and white Sperrys. You can never go wrong trying to go for the cute but comfortable look.

Now on to Birthday Party Marathon!

Looking  back on my styles for the week, which was your favorite?


The Ameri Brit Mom

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