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Dressing and Educating: Days 20-24


Day 20: September 12, 2016

The best kind of Monday is one spent at home.

I took my first personal day of the year as I always do. For the past four years I’ve been out of work on September 12 to spend my daughter’s birthday with her. My husband, daughter, and I celebrated at home this year. With all the partying we did over the weekend in honor of my daughter turning four it was a welcomed day of relaxing and allowing my daughter time to play with all of her new gifts.

I would never trade a relaxing day as a family for anything in the world. I live for these days and these moments of shutting down our busy lives to make memories. Never forget the importance of unplugging with your family. It was so worth it. Because of this opportunity to recharge I feel ready to conquer the new week and its challenges.

Above my daughter is dressed in an adorable dress we picked up this summer from Pep and Co. in England, and a necklace she received for her birthday from Carters.


Day 21: September 13, 2016

It was a fun day of catching up after an absence. I always say that it’s almost not worth missing a day of school as a teacher because of all of the sub plans and the catching up that accompanies an absence. Yesterday my substitute teacher spoke about his experiences on September 11, 2001 and it was neat to hear some of the notes my students took and things that they learned from him. I do think it is nice for them to hear from someone other than me sometimes. I think they really enjoyed his stories and personality.

After school today we had a staff meeting. Not that they are the most terrible thing ever, but I always find it hard to focus at staff meetings. I generally end my day with a lengthy to-do list and I subconsciously spend staff meetings trying to plot the quickest way to tick everything off that list before locking up for the evening. It wasn’t a bad meeting though. Short, quick, and to the point. (My favorite kind of meeting if there is such a thing.)

I was feeling nautical this morning in my Fun 2 Fun Rinald Front Pocket Blouse from my summer Stitch Fix. I paired the top with an Outback Red Chambray Blazer from The Limited. On my bottom half I added some color with red jeggings and then added a little denim accent to match the blazer with my charcoal, denim Toms. I woke up this morning ready to rock this four day week!


Day 22: September 14, 2016

I had a blast teaching about the English Monarchy today. It’s one of my favorite topics for the whole year.

I was wearing an orange pleated Old Navy dress with a Ellaine Open Cardigan by Papermoon from Stitch Fix. Of course I had to have my gray lace Toms to match dressed-up look.


Day 23: September 15, 2016

It was a pony-tail rocking Thursday. After a tough workout class on Wednesday night, I found myself sore and unhappy about my early alarm. A quick shower and securing my hair up with a cute, jeweled headband was my style of choice this morning.

I had a fun day talking about the current royal family of England. We discussed the drama, rumors, and scandals associated with such a beloved family. We also talked about America’s obsession with the Windsors (the royal family’s last name in case you thought their last name was “of England”) and the legacy of Diana. I think it was a day of enjoyment for my history students.

In English, the classes are wrapping up their first narrative. They are currently typing their rough drafts. I really enjoy this assignment. It’s essentially a food review in that they choose their favorite food, explain it using sensory language, and then describe a personal experience or memory attached to that food. It’s a unique way of pairing narrative writing with something every kid enjoys–food!

Today I am wearing black pants from The Limited, a red top from Primark in England, and a black and white striped cardigan from Fig Leaf Boutique.


Day 24: September 16, 2016

I cannot believe how quickly we have reached the interim of the first grading period. My school always releases students early on the last day of the interim in order to have staff Professional Development. Most of my class periods were under half an hour. It was a relaxed day in the classroom and all students were out of the building by 12:32pm.

In the Professional Development session we met as a high school staff to look over our building Continuous Improvement Plan. We discussed what was going well so far this year and ways that we need to better implement the plan in our building.

I received some pretty bad news this week about someone I care about that has really affected me emotionally. I decided once the development was over that I would stay a little later in my room so that everything was ready to go for next week and I could get back on the Positive Train. More than ever it is important to be present and alert for my students and I worry that I unintentionally let my fears reside in the back of my mind all week.

Above I am wearing a Vikings t-shirt for my casual Friday outfit. I layered the t-shirt under and navy and white flannel from Primark in England. On my bottom half I wore a pair of denim jeggings and my original boat shoe Sperrys.

I’m ready to rest and relax so I can be renewed on Monday morning!

Which outfit was your favorite this week?


The Ameri Brit Mom

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