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Dressing and Educating: Days 35-39


Day 35: October 3, 2016

My Monday dress game was strong today. I’ve been getting into the habit of wearing dresses on Mondays to help jump start my week. It’s hard not to feel productive when you are dressed up and professional. This dress above is from New Look in England. I paired it with some Old Navy leggings, an H&M kimono, and lace Toms.

This past weekend was Homecoming so the students were a little slow to get started, but once the weekend wore off they were quite talkative and excited to show off their pictures in their heels, sparkly dresses, or ties.

We made our way to the halfway mark of Of Mice and Men in English and studied each of the major Enlightenment thinkers in Honors World History. It was a fun Monday of getting back into routines after a crazy Spirit Week last week. Also, it was a fantastic start to my work week.


Day 36: October 4, 2016

Another terrific Tuesday in the books!

I felt energized and comfortable today in my Lula Roe outfit. Students worked in groups today close reading in English and investigating the role of women during the Enlightenment in Honors World History. We also had an intellectual conversation about freedom of religion which was thoroughly enjoyable.

The school day flew by with little to no incidence. I’m really starting to enjoy my students and their individual personalities. This has been a great year and I’m looking forward to all the months ahead.


Day 37: October 5, 2016

Today was a review day for both of my classes. We reviewed Of Mice and Men and also the way that Enlightenment ideas were spread throughout that era. I had a productive meeting after school with my team and started to grasp that the end of the first quarter is next week. This year has flown by!

Above, I’m wearing a top from my fourth Stitch Fix, jeggings from Target, and believe it or not my new high-top booties came from Payless. I searched high and low all of last weekend and the only booties I was pleased with were found in the last place I checked. I feel fall ready with these new kicks.


Day 38: October 6, 2016

The first Parent Teacher Conference night.

It was a long day, but totally worth its outcomes. I met several parents of students just looking to meet their child’s instructor. I also met a few parents of struggling students. It was good to put plans in place to help those students succeed in my class. It truly was a pleasure to meet each of the parents I spoke to tonight.

For conferences I wore pants from Old Navy, a striped top from Francescas, and red Toms.


Day 39: October 7, 2016

After a long night of conferencing a casual Friday was highly anticipated. I slept in just a little longer today and grabbed a coffee and breakfast from Tim Hortons. In English today the students began writing a personal narrative about a choice they had to make. In history I introduced basic causes of the Latin American Revolutions. I wore a Randy top from Lula Roe, Refuge jeans from Charlotte Russe, and my charcoal Toms.

Which look was your favorite this week?

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