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Dressing and Educating: Days 45-46

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Day 45: October 17, 2016

Nothing says, “Welcome to the Second Quarter” like a timed writing assignment in English class. I opened this short week with an online essay about the book my students just finished reading independently. I used Google Classroom as a platform for launching the essay. Students were given five prompt options and had an entire class period to respond to their chosen prompt using details and quotes from their books to support their responses. It was a quiet, but productive English class.

In Honors World History we wrapped up our Enlightenment debates and began to focus our attention on Latin America. When it comes to mapping, I always offer an pre-test. If a student can show mastery of the regional map they do not have to take the final map test. Out of 60 Honors World History students only six scored a perfect on their pre-test so many of them will be retaking the test tomorrow. Additionally, we are studying many of the Latin American Revolutions.

I’ve been trying to wear a dress or skirt every Monday this year. Today I wore a long maxi skirt from Wet Seal. My tops are from Old Navy.


Day 46: October 18, 2016

Today was a lovely Tuesday/Friday. Although I do not teach at my alma mater the district is still within the same county and all county schools are out of school for my hometown festival, The Pumpkin Show. Tonight marks the beginning of the show with “Local’s Night”. The school day was full of the buzzing of everyone’s plans for the extended break. Years ago I learned that the only way to truly keep students engaged on the eve of their first break of the school year is to have them take a test or quiz on that final day of class.

I wore my striped, Perfect T, from Lula Roe. On the bottom half I wore olive jeggings and my classic Sperrys.

I know there isn’t much to choose from this week, but which outfit did you prefer?

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