Dressing and Educating: Days 52-56


Day 52: October 31, 2016

Another Monday has arrived!

This week is really going to be a busy one so I took time today to set my perspectives on positive things. I start a tutoring group this week that meets after school leading up to the AIR make up tests in December. I’m also taking part in some professional development on Thursday and a College and Career Day on Wednesday. All of these things are positive, but I know much of my time will be dictated in those directions instead of my usual routines this week. Without routine, I can tend to stress a bit. So here’s to hoping for a positive and uplifting week.

Today I wore a dress from Francesca’s, leggings from LulaRoe, and a tweed jacket from Kohls.



Day 53: November 1, 2016

I woke up this morning fighting some type of germs. I felt nauseous, exhausted, and weak, but as a teacher I had to take my vitamins and get over it. There was work to be done!

Because of my early morning symptoms I was a little later than usual to school. It was a rough morning, but once I opened the door to my classroom I was ready to go. I chugged my coffee and chowed down on my gluten-free granola bar as I prepared to teach students about counterarguments and outlining persuasive essays.

After school, I started my first tutoring session, which I am naming AIR-Support. I met for two hours with struggling students who failed the state tests last year. It was a such a breath of fresh air that each of the students had a positive attitude and came prepared to practice the skills necessary to be successful. This is my first time doing this type of tutoring group and I am actually looking forward to the remainder of our meetings throughout the month of November.

In my frenzy to get out of the house today I went for a comfortable outfit. I ended up with a three-quarter sleeved printed tee from The Limited and Khakis from Old Navy.



Day 54: November 2, 2016

Today is my building’s annual College and Career Readiness Day. For the first several hours the different grade levels within the high school participate in activities or assessments geared toward college or career paths. As a Freshman level teacher I worked with the freshman class. For our activity, students were placed in homerooms where they visited three sessions. The session I led involved students taking an interest inventory and using their results to locate career clusters that appeal to their personality/interests.

I found my session to be very informative. I was armed by the Guidance Department with the tools and lessons. At the end of my session we watched a short video about individuality. It was inspiring and thought provoking and I was so happy to have been a part of the discussions that took place as a result of this day.

Today I wore a pair of OS leggings by LulaRoe and an oversized, open-back sweater that I received from my Stitch Fix #1. I felt comfy and cute all day in my relaxed attire.


IMG_4820 (1).JPG

Day 55: November 3, 2016

Today was a Professional Development day. I taught my morning English classes about correctly citing an online source according to MLA (which is no small task.) Then, after lunch I joined the rest of the freshman English teachers and the Curriculum Director for our district in a meeting about vertical alignment.

A lot of good discussion was had in this session and many goals were set for instruction during this time. Immediately following the PD I met with my AIR-Support group to work on some practice tests and dissection of the dreaded two-part questions. I am planning to share some of my tools for the tutoring groups in the future.

I wore a black and white chevron blouse, black pants from The Limited, and red TOMS for a splash of color.

Day 56: November 4, 2016

After a restless night of nursing my daughter’s terrible cough and aggressive cold I decided to take my first sick day of the school year. I spent my day playing nurse-mom, cooking healthy dishes and giving medicine all while donning my husband’s comfy sweatpants and a messy bun. There was nothing style worthy about my attire so I’m going to give myself permission to not post a picture of my outfit today. Trust me, you would thank me for that one!

Here’s a look at those days where time and effort went into my wardrobe. Let me know your favorite look!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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