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Dressing and Educating: Days 62-66


Day 62: November 14, 2016

Saturday I received my ninth Stitch Fix and in my beautiful box was this dress. I absolutely love the wrap style and fall colors. It was a perfect addition to my Monday dress collection.

In classes today I started some new ideas. In English we read the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. We discussed characterization and motivation as we read the tale of Madame Loisel and her unfortunate hiccup with her friend’s necklace. My history classes began to uncover events of the Reign of Terror leading up to the executions of over 20,000 people by the guillotine.

It was a great Monday and I enjoyed wearing my new dress today!


Day 63: November 15, 2016

Today I received that dreaded call from my daughter’s pre-school. I’m midway through my day. My energy level is high and my lesson plans are just really jiving withe the students. Then, I get a call from her school and everything in the classroom suddenly doesn’t matter to me anymore. My little four year old is sick and she wants her mommy, and you would be surprised how quickly I fling that teacher hat to the side to be Mommy. I quickly got my affairs in order and made my way to nurse my ill child back to health.

I love my job, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my time in the classroom and my purposeful interaction with students. But one thing that will always come first in my mind will be my family. Even if it’s just a cold I’d rather play Mom than Teacher any day.

My colorful sweater above was purchased a few years ago at Liz Claiborne in New York City. I wore it with navy pants from Old Navy and a pair of Sperrys.


Day 64: November 16, 2016

After an early night to reset all is back in order at home and I was ready to discuss the guillotine, Napoleon, and the end of the French Revolution today. It was fun because I had a student several years ago craft a guillotine and I demonstrated it today with use on pencils, candy bars, and other supplies that a dull piece of wood could sever. I had a lot of fun essentially smashing things all period in my Honors World History classes.

In English, my students took a reading assessment. They all did such a great job proving their comprehension skills and I was very pleased with their results.

Today I wore a royal blue peplum top, a sweater, and black pants from The Limited.


Day 65: November 17, 2016

One of the best parts of working at my school is the annual Thanksgiving feast put on by the cooks. I’m not being dramatic. It truly is amazing. I woke up this morning and until lunch time turkey was on my brain. Lunch time could not come fast enough.

As always, the luncheon was above and beyond any other lunch service. The teacher’s lounge was converted into a festive dining room and the fixings were all up to their usual standard of perfection. It’s also a fun time to catch up with colleagues that otherwise become strangers in the sea of people in the high school building. It was a lunch period full of fun stories, catching up, and laughter. I’m thankful for my job and friendships that have come from that job.

Today I wore my long sleeve top from Maurices, my cargo vest from Stitch Fix and olive jeggings with boots.


Day 66: November 18, 2016

This beautiful Friday was all about my daughter. Her pre-school hosted a Thanksgiving Extravaganza. I took the day off to support her. I’m so glad that I took the opportunity to go to this event. It was such a fun day and I would never trade days like these for anything. I’m so thankful for this beautiful smile and the sweet girl who makes me smile too!

Which outfit this week was your favorite?

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