Fear Fighting Review

Title: Fear Fighting

Author: Kelly Balarie

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

Copyright Date: 2017


When my copy of this cute book arrived a few weeks ago I was excited to dive into it. I signed up to be a part of the launch team after perusing the topic and realizing that this book was written for someone like me. Someone living in fear. Someone suffering with anxiety. Someone with a past. Someone in need of a fresh reminder of God’s heart and the fear less life that it promises.

Within the first couple of pages I was already facing my giants. I was called to outline my greatest hopes and dreams and then to trace the reasons I’m afraid to make progress in those areas. I realized that it isn’t God or someone else keeping me from the things I want most in life. I’ve become my own obstacle standing between where I am and where I want to be. Throughout the rest of this book I would learn how to get out of my own way. I had confined myself to a little safety box where my comfort level was high and the risk assessment low.

Before long Kelly began to reveal biblical examples of women taking charge of their fear. One that stood out to me was Deborah. Through the story of Deborah, the judge, I was inspired to be a fiery, confident woman who speaks victory with confidence over fear.

I learned the difference between good fear and bad fear. According to scripture, (Proverbs 1:7; Proverbs 8:13; Proverbs 14:27; Luke 1:50; Deuteronomy 10:12) fear of the Lord is a calling for all that follow Him. Fearing God is obedience, but fearing things of this world is an act of disobedience. It is placing whatever causes fear above God and tells Him that you do not trust His will for you. Fearing God keeps our focus on Him and not on ourselves.

I could go on and on about the way this book helped me to rethink my fears. Many of the chapters spoke to specific fears that many women deal with such as the past, rejection, opposition, waiting, comparison, competition, and worry. One statement that helped me to let go of fear was that, “our past victories lead us into future ministries.” It’s no surprise to anyone who truly knows me that I have had some knock out battles with fear. I’ve gone through periods in my life when fear took God’s spot on the throne of my life and was the filter for many of the decisions I made during that time.

It wasn’t until I started writing that I began to see God regain control of my heart.

Writing has been an obedience to Him and has been my way of showing Him that I’m not afraid of what other people think or say about me any more. Being a writer can be scary. Submitting words into the universe for others to read and critique can leave you feeling naked and judged. But through my writing God has been faithful to me and reminded me that He is in control. Writing has required obedience and faith. Once I was a closet writer filling notebooks that I was afraid others may one day read, and today because of models like Kelly Balarie I am part of a couple of critique groups and am working toward a book deal myself.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to join Kelly’s launch team.

I’ve been surrounded by wonderful writers and bloggers who have built a community of encouragement. Conquering fear isn’t something that we ever do once and for all. I am faced with fear every morning when I wake up, but it is because of the truth of God’s promises that I am able to stand up, push fear aside, and pick up my cross.

If you are interested in joining an army of Fear fighters pick up a copy of Fear Fighting, a few ladies to hold you accountable, and dive in. You will never see fear through the same lens again.

The Ameri Brit Mom


One thought on “Fear Fighting Review

  1. Such an awesome testimony to God’s work in us natural-fearers. Congrats on working toward your own book deal! I especially loved this: ” Conquering fear isn’t something that we ever do once and for all. I am faced with fear every morning when I wake up, but it is because of the truth of God’s promises that I am able to stand up, push fear aside, and pick up my cross.”


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