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Five Minute Friday: Control

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is Control. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. You share your blog posts with one another and begin conversations via a host site. You can head over to Kate Motaung’s page to check out other entries from inspired bloggers. Here’s my five minutes of uninterrupted, unedited writing on this week’s topic:


I’m a bit of a control freak.

If you saw my classroom policies and my home routines you would understand. It isn’t cleanliness that gets me excited, but the desire to be organized and to administrate. It can get me into trouble sometimes. I say “yes” when I should probably say “no.” I hold myself to unattainable standards. It’s a weakness that needs dealt with every so often.

When not completing my to-do list ends in a meltdown (like earlier this week when I was too ill to go to work) I have to participate in reflection where I am reminded that being in control of everything is impossible. Perfection is a myth. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and live spontaneously (something my husband is way better at than I am.)

The drive to control everything is also contrary to my Christian beliefs. When the Bible says things like,”Cast all of your cares upon Him for he cares for you…” (1 Peter 5:7) I struggle to obey. It is my natural response to try to control problems on my own. But according to that verse in clinging to my control I’m showing disbelief that God cares enough about me to sustain me.

It takes an intentional moment of peace before God to surrender control. And then I have to continue to remind myself that it’s been given over to God.

Each and every day I strive to truly cast my cares upon God. I wrestle to give control over to God, but I know that in doing so my load is lightened and the need to control my life gives way to my need to obey.

The Ameri Brit Mom

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Control

  1. So true. When we do finally surrender to God there is actually a freedom that we didn’t have before. Much better to trust Him than our own selves. 🙂 Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #FiveMInuteFriday.


  2. It is hard to give that to God but something that definitely brings a peace and freedom we don’t otherwise have. The start is recognizing it is a struggle, as you have. Progress will come. – Lori, #72 at FMF


  3. I do love the peace of letting go and giving the issues to God. The hard part is not taking it back, but I’m getting there.

    Dropping by from FMF
    Have a great day!


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