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Dear Daughter (Part 3)


Dear Daughter,

It’s been a hard week. Long days have led to tantrums and meltdowns. Emotions are high and tears have been shed by both of us. Growing up is hard for Mommy too. Giving you the freedom to be who you want to be and make your own choices is tough. Knowing when to step in and offer my help is even harder. I’m learning to let you make mistakes–how else can you learn? But at the heart of it all, I love you.

You are a strong girl and I am so proud of you. You stand up for what is right and you spread kindness like an infectious disease. Your laugh is contagious. Your heart is huge. And there’s never been a challenge too big that you didn’t at least try to take on.

I needed to confess to you today that I don’t always get it right. Some days I wrestle with wanting to hold on too tight, and other days I let go too soon. I’m learning just like you are. Being your Mommy has been my most important job and I try very hard to do it right. Once I start to get comfortable and get the hang of it, you’re off to something new. Every day is a chance for both of us to learn.

You are my princess. I love you.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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